Johnny Depp ‘transformed into “the monster” during drug-fuelled arguments with ex-wife Amber Heard’


JOHNNY Depp would transform into “The Monster” during violent drug-fuelled arguments with his ex-wife Amber Heard, the High Court heard.

The actor, 57, coined the term for his alter-ego which emerged when he flew into “destructive rages”, it was claimed.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star also told how he did drugs aged 11 and had acquired a liver “resembling Margaret Thatcher” shortly before she died. Depp denies being violent towards Ms Heard.

But he admitted in court: “The Monster came out when our arguments escalated and I would not placate. If she was yelling at me, I’d yell back and it would turn into a screaming match.”

Depp is suing The Sun for calling him a “wife beater”. The paper says the description was justified. Aquaman star Ms Heard, 34, is its star witness.

Depp said he was never violent to Ms Heard — claiming she was the abuser.

He said: “Ms Heard became obsessed with calling me The Monster, but the term came from me. If I disagreed with her in any way and I voiced it, then I was The Monster in her eyes.

“She said I was The Monster whenever I answered back, when she was aggressing me.”

Sasha Wass QC, for The Sun, said of Depp: “He referred to his drunken and violent persona as ‘The Monster’. When sober, Mr Depp was capable of kindness, charm and generosity.

“The side of his character which he described as The Monster was jealous, controlling, violent and savage. It is these characteristics which qualify him for the term ‘wife beater’.”

Ms Wass told Depp: “The Monster was your way of referring to your alter ego, that part of your being which was destructive, angry, and an addict. It was your pet name for your Mr Hyde.”

Every drug that was known to man, I had experienced by the age of 14

But Depp said it was “ethereal”, not violent, and “came from a place of sadness”. He added: “The Monster is not a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde character.”

Depp said his reliance on drugs and alcohol started at a very young age because he grew up in an abusive household.

He said his mother would “throw anything she could lay her hands on” at him. Depp said he tried one of her “nerve pills” when he was 11. He added: “That began a way [of life]for me. It was the only way I found to numb the pain.”

He went on: “Every drug that was known to man, I had experienced by the age of 14.”

He first found fame in 1984’s Nightmare on Elm Street, and went on to star in classics including Edward Scissorhands, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Sleepy Hollow.

Ms Wass told him: “From an early age you had money, power and influence. They have given you freedom that many ordinary people don’t have, and allowed you to do whatever you wanted.

“You’ve surrounded yourself with people who never say no to you. They do anything you ask, including supplying controlled drugs.”

Depp replied: “The other side of that coin is that you are forced to live the life of a fugitive. Anonymity does not exist any more. I would not define that as freedom.”

Ms Wass then asked if he had a “nasty, angry side”. Depp said: “There was quite a lot of pain from my youth and the way I was raised.

“Trying to figure out what it’s all about when success comes to you and you don’t understand why you have them — especially when you don’t feel worthy in your heart.

“I have become a product. My name no longer sounds the same as it did when I grew up.”

He also denied the claim that he surrounds himself with “people who don’t say no”. Depp said: “They’ve never backed off from approaching me if they had any concerns.”

Ms Wass asked about an incident in 1994 when he trashed a New York hotel room, causing $10,000 of damage. Depp said: “They just had to put a new vase in, and maybe a cup or two. I broke some things, I don’t remember what they were.

“It had been a particularly bad couple of days, and that evening was the apex of an unpleasant time. On that occasion I chose to express my anger.”

Ms Wass said: “You’re the type of person who, when he becomes angry or frustrated, expresses himself through violence.” Depp denied it.

It emerged he had help getting sober from pal Sir Elton John. The court heard Depp told him in an email in 2012: “My dearest Elton, 100 f****** days of clarity for an old reprobate t**t like me. No one would ever have believed it possible but for a select few, most importantly you.”

He also referred to his “brain and liver resembling Mrs Thatcher” — the ex-PM who died the next year aged 87 — and spoke of the “eternal savagery against myself”. It ended: “I would have been swallowed up by the monster were it not for you.”

His lawyer David Sherborne said: “He is not and never has been a wife beater. Indeed, he says it was Ms Heard who was the one who started physical fights, who punched or hit him, and there was little he could really do to stop this.”

The case continues.

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