Jordan and Jennifer Turpin speak out for the first time about the House of Horrors escape in a Diane Sawyer interview.


Jordan and Jennifer Turpin speak out for the first time about the House of Horrors escape in a Diane Sawyer interview.

IN AN INTERVIEW RELEASED ON FRIDAY, MEMBERS OF THE Turpin family spoke out for the first time about their escape from their parents’ House of Horrors.

Jennifer and Jordan Turpin discussed the 13 Turpin children’s experience in a two-hour ABC special with Diane Sawyer.

Parents Louise and David Turpin kept the malnourished siblings in cages and chained them to beds.

Over the course of almost two decades in the House of Horrors, they were beaten until they bled, sexually abused, and starved.

Jordan Turpin, 17, managed to slip out of a window of their California home and raise the alarm in August 2018.

On February 22, 2019, David, now 60, and Louise, 53, were sentenced to life in prison on charges of child cruelty, false imprisonment, and torture.

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Turpin has 13 children.

According to court documents, all of the children’s names begin with the letter J.

‘MY WHOLE BODY WAS SHAKING,’ says the speaker.

Jordan told Diane Sawyer four years later about the 911 call.

“When I was still on the phone, I remember I couldn’t really dial 911 because… I was trying to dial 911 but I couldn’t even get my thumbs to press the buttons because I was shaking so bad,” she explained.

“However, I was trying to relax so I could do it.”

Finally, I pressed it, and they responded.

I’d never talked to anyone on the phone before.”


Jordan Turpin was the one who finally dialed 911 to report the abuse she and her siblings had been subjected to.

The 911 call that led to the Turpin siblings’ safety kicked off the 2020 special.

“I just ran away from home because I live in a family of 15,” she told a dispatcher about her life and parents, David and Louise Turpin.

Can you hear what I’m saying? And we have parents who abuse their children.

Was that something you heard?”

“OK, they hit us,” she told the dispatcher when asked about her parents’ abuse of her and her siblings.

We are frequently thrown across the room by them.

They yank your hair out.

“They yank our hair out.”

“I have two… Right now, my two little sisters are chained.”

If her parents discovered she had escaped, she claimed they would “literally kill me.”


“That’s when mother and father would leave…

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