Jordanian fitness expert launches online exercise session amid COVID-19


AMMAN, June 15 (Xinhua) — An online video chain initiated by a Jordanian fitness expert for people to exercise at home is widespread in Jordan amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rebecca Odeh showed Xinhua her online video chain regarding passing a water bottle.

The video begins with Odeh’s several sets of Jumping jacks, and then she stops to drink water, eventually throwing the water bottle out of the frame. Afterward, thousands of participants “take over” the water bottle, and imitate her actions to relay online.

Odeh said filming the video aims to encourage people to exercise at home despite the lockdown due to COVID-19.

“The epidemic is a test for each of us… it also highlights the importance of maintaining personal health,” Odeh said.

She also launched online fitness sessions which have witnessed 5,000 participants.

“Fitness will not be limited to a gym or any equipment. However, exercise together could encourage and inspire each other,” Odeh said.

In early June, the Jordanian government eased the precaution measures and allowed the reopening of most commercial and public sectors, including Odeh’s gym. But the majority of her followers still join in her online course.

“Engaging in online fitness classes is more convenient, as well as saving time,” Odeh said. Enditem


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