‘Karen’ who refused to wear mask in Home Depot because of ‘white power’ charged with battery after clash


AN ILLINOIS woman has been charged over an alleged violent incident after she refused to put her face mask on and told a Home Depot employee she “believes in white power.”

The “Karen,” identified as Teri Hill, was at the store in McHenry on Friday when she approached an employee to complain about other shoppers not wearing masks.

“I was walking with an [another]employee at Home Depot and she [Hill] storms up to us [to complain]that customers are not wearing masks and they need to do something about it,” Sydney Waters, the staffer who filmed the encounter, told the local Northwest Herald.

“And the employee said, ‘That’s out of my hands,’ and [Hill] was really rude,” she added.

Waters, 34, said that while Hill was complaining about people not wearing masks inside, she took off her own mask.

The woman asked Hill, 54, to put her mask back on — which is when Hill allegedly told Waters she’d “spit in her face and cough on her.”

“She ripped her face mask off. She said something along the lines of ‘You’re not going to [expletive]tell me what to do,'” Waters said.

“She didn’t appreciate being told that, and ripped her mask off, and started going for the gold,” she added to WLS-TV.

At that point, Waters began filming the encounter, and Hill was seen in the video giving Waters the middle finger.

Hill appears to laugh and say it’s “funny” as Waters claims the woman threatened to cough on her “during a global pandemic.”

When Waters raised her camera up to catch Hill’s face, a scuffle ensued.

“You’re disrespectful to everyone in this store,” Waters is heard saying. “The entitlement is disgusting.”

“Yes, I am entitled. I’m white and I’m a woman,” Hill replies to the 34-year-old.

“What does you being white have to do with you being able to get your way?” Waters asks.

“Because I’m a white woman. That’s what happens,” Hill can be heard saying.

“You’re a disgusting, racist piece of trash. Literally,” Waters counters.

“I believe in white power,” Hill says.

After Waters again tried to capture Hill’s face, Waters said both women end up on the ground.

When police arrived and watched the video, Hill was arrested for misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct, WLS reported.

Waters told WLS: “I don’t deal with racism. It’s so prevalent right now, and I feel like if you’re not stopping people and you’re not saying something, you’re part of the problem.”

According to the Herald, Hill was released from police custody without posting a cash bond but is expected to appear in court on August 19.


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