Kate Middleton’s mystery jewellery including diamond ring is worth this huge sum of money


KATE MIDDLETON, 38, the Duchess of Cambridge, caused intrigued when she wore a stunning set of earrings and a new ring for a diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace in late 2019.

Kate Middleton’s new ring and earrings were two large diamond pieces. The Duchess of Cambridge was laden with diamonds on the evening, wearing a tiara, necklace, dangling earrings and a ring.

Many royal fans and jewellery experts are quick to identify gems worn to such events.

So, the immediate mystery caused by these little known gems caused quite a stir.

However, the pieces were identified as being part of the Diamond Chandelier Drop Demi-Parure.

The Diamond Chandelier Drop Demi-Parure is thought to be a gift from a Middle Eastern ruler, and it was worn by the Queen when King Fahd of Saudi Arabia visited the UK.

Now we know what these gems are, how much are they worth?

An expert analysed the jewellery exclusively for Express.co.uk.

Ailsa Russell, an Appraiser at Prestige Pawnbrokers of Channel 4’s Posh Pawn, estimated the pieces to be worth a huge sum.

He said: “The Duchess of Cambridge wears an impressive set of incredibly intricate diamond chandelier earrings.

“The earrings, on special loan from the Queen’s royal collection, were previously worn by the Countess of Wessex at the American state visit earlier this year.”

The earrings have a huge amount of carats, according to the expert.

“Each earring, featuring round, marquise and pear cut diamonds, appears to be approximately 10 to 12 carats of beautifully matched, bright diamonds,” he said.

Of the ring, the expert said: “The provenance of the diamond set ring is unknown; however, it appears to be around 7 to 10 carats of high quality exquisitely set diamonds.

“If these items were sold today it is possible that they would reach in excess of £500,000.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is thought of as somewhat of a style icon, and her latest venture is no different.

Kate Middleton’s dress for her appearance on A Royal Berry Christmas tomorrow night is already causing a stir. 

The dress is by Alessandra Rich, and is still available to buy online.

Kate Middleton wore the Queen’s earrings for the TV programme, that will star her and her husband.

The earrings have a special meaning, and are the Silver Jubilee Diamond and Pearl Earrings.

The pretty pieces feature a large pearl attached to a sizeable diamond stud in the ear.

Kate is not the only royal to have borrowed these earrings, Sophie Countess of Wessex, has also borrowed them.


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