Katie Hopkins slammed for telling people to ditch face masks despite coronavirus risks


Katie Hopkins has found herself in yet another social media storm for continuing to encourage fans to ditch face masks despite the ongoing risk of coronavirus.

Hopkins has faced heavy criticism after urging followers with health concerns to ‘not bother’ with the protective gear amid the ongoing pandemic.

The 45-year-old, recently banned from Twitter following a string of racist remarks, took to Instagram to share her views on wearing face masks.

Re-posting a tweet from UK supermarket Sainsburys, the former CelebrityBig Brother contestant labelled the food chain ‘little legends’.

It comes after Sainsbury’s confirmed it will not be reprimanding customers who enter their store without specific protection.

Hopkins has been accused of giving bad advice to vulnerable followers to go without their face masks and potentially, risking their lives.

Her social media was awash with complaints from unimpressed people who labelled her ‘careless’.

One Instagram user commented: “You are actually encouraging people to not wear a mask and putting lives at risk.”

Another echoed: “How stupid and careless are you? Some vulnerable person will actually listen to this god awful advise and may lose their life. Stop with this utter nonsense now”.

“The same people will whinge when there’s a second wave…. wear a mask. Its hardly a problem,” a third wrote.

A fourth quipped: “If anyone not wearing a mask gets too close to me, I may have to use reasonable force to remove you from my space”.

Meanwhile, a fifth follower stated: “Everyone should wear a mask. End of. Stop spreading this bulls**t”.

Hopkins’ latest claim comes just one month after she was permanently removed from Twitter.

Her Twitter profile – which she used to tweet under the handle @kthopkins – has been suspended – and this time it’s for good, a spokesperson from the website has confirmed.

Her micro-blogging account has been taken down after a petition was started by social media user to get her booted off the site.

Over 75,000 people signed their name to the Change.org petition to get the former Apprentice star’s account suspended.

The petition bio read: “Unbelievably, Katie Hopkins has been given a platform to insult, abuse and cause outrage for far too long. Attacking victims of Child Sex Exploitation is possibly the most disgusting act that any human can do.

“Does she have no boundaries? The scary thing is, this could happen to her own children right under her nose – being as self obsessed as she Is, how would she see the signs?

“I think it’s about time Twitter took action and removed her from their platform, just as Facebook have done with Britain First.

“Freedom of speech is something I believe in. Freedom of hate speech isn’t, I’m sure many people feel the same way.”

The suspension comes because the far-right loudmouth -whose Tweets have sometimes been re-tweeted by US president Donald Trump – violated the micro-blogging website’s policy, according to DevonLive.

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