Keith Richards’ ex son-in-law dies two days after being accused of trying to look up kids’ skirts in local park


KEITH Richards’ ex son-in-law was hit and killed by a train two days after being accused of trying to look up the skirts of children playing in a local park, The Sun Online can reveal today. 

Dominic Jennings, the former husband of Angela Richards, died on Wednesday after being confronted by members of the public who claimed he was approaching children in Bognor Regis.

Photographs of the 45-year-old, who had married Rolling Stones rocker Keith Richards’ daughter Angela in a lavish £250,000 wedding in 1998, were then shared on social media and went viral.

In one since deleted Facebook post, a Bognor Regis local claimed Mr Jennings – who once toured with the legendary band – was “trying to look up little girls’ skirts” and “coax them away from their parents”.

But pal of 25 years Robin Clapton today said it would have been a “misunderstanding” and that his friend had been “goaded” into an argument.

He told The Sun Online: “People are vile, on some self appointed moral crusade.

“He hadn’t had a haircut for a long time because of lockdown and was starting to look a bit dishevelled.”

Mr Clapton added: “He never, ever, ever displayed any inclination towards young children.

“If he had a problem, he would speak to one of us about it. He didn’t have those kinds of problems.”

Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards had given his daughter Angela – who does not use her official first name, Dandelion – away in a spectacular rock’n’roll ceremony with guests including supermodel Kate Moss and fellow Stone Ronnie Wood.

The pair were married for 15 years, with Mr Jennings going on to work as a carpenter after they broke up.

He said: “Dom was a very popular guy. He had had a great life hanging out and touring with the Stones.”

After the tragedy unfolded, the daughter of 76-year-old rocker Richards Angela took to social media saying the family had tried to support Mr Jennings.

Angela wrote: “I wasn’t going to comment but unfortunately he has been on a downward slope for the last 15 years.

“I know his family have desperately tried to help but he hasn’t accepted it.

“It’s a shame it has come to this all over social media but he is not the man you all once knew.

“I must add I meant for his drink and drug problems.” 

Police said they were treating the tragedy on Wednesday as “non-suspicious”. 

It comes after a social media post was shared on social media, saying: “Old man sat watching the children for over half an hour, was then seeing trying to look up little girls’ skirts and trying to coax them away from their parents and over to him.

“I confronted him, he then moved to a group of teenage girls at the other end of the park telling them how hot and sexy they were.

“Myself and a mum from the park confronted him again asking if he knew any of the children and what was he doing? He stumbled some bulls*** about knowing it was wrong.

“We then told him we were calling the police, he then rode off before the police arrived.”

The public message on Facebook then warned: “Please be extra watchful of your children.

Another social media post claimed they saw a warning shared on Facebook about a man approaching children before claiming they later saw him speaking to a young boy.

The post read: “We stopped and made sure the boy was safe and held and surrounded the man there till the police finally arrived 20 mins later.

“Good deed of the day done.

“One more nonce off our streets, justice was done.”

British Transport Police confirmed they had been called to the Chichester train station just after 7am on Wednesday after reports of a casualty on the tracks.

Mr Jennings’ family yesterday declined to comment when approached by the Sun Online.

Paramedics also attended however sadly a person has been pronounced dead at the scene.

A spokesperson said: “The incident is not being treated as suspicious and a file will be prepared for the coroner.”

Sussex Police has since referred Mr Jennings’ death to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

A spokesman said yesterday: “This incident has been the subject of a mandatory referral by the force to the IOPC as there had been some previous recent contact between the man and the police before the incident. We await the IOPC response.”

The IOPC said: “We have received a referral from Sussex Police regarding a man who died following contact with police.

“The referral will now be assessed to determine if IOPC involvement in any investigation is required.”

Mr Jennings and Angela had lived in Dartford together before the 48-year-old moved to a large estate with riding stables in Chichester.

She now lives in the area with her current partner, Graham Whitney, and their two children. The couple recently got engaged.

The stables are just two miles from Keith’s house, Redlands, which was the scene of the infamous Sixties drugs bust by police that resulted in Richards and Mick Jagger being jailed.

Angela is the second child born to Keith and Anita Pallenberg and was brought up by the rocker’s own mother Doris as her parents were heavily using drugs at the time and were unable to care for her. 

Angela also has two half sisters – Theodora, 25, and Alexandra, 24 – from Richards’s marriage of 27 years to Patti Hansen.

Richards recently said: “I love my families. I have several. And they all love each other. I’m extremely blessed with my ladies who all, thank God, get along.”


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