Labour MP crumbles as Sky News co-host launches savage grilling over Corbyn defeat


LABOUR MP Dawn Butler crumbled on Sky News after she was grilled over whether Jeremy Corbyn should resign if he loses another general election.

The Shadow Women & Equalities Secretary lost her cool after the Sky News journalist Beth Rigby asked, “If Labour have lost 71 seats, Jeremy Corbyn can’t stay as leader can he?” Ms Butler responded by saying if they have lost 71 seats it will be “devastating”.

Earlier on, Ms Butler appeared to blame Brexit for the loss of Labour seats.

She said: “Brexit obviously played a huge role there.

“You know, Ronnie [Campbell, Tory MP], was telling people to vote Conservative to get Brexit done. And you cannot deny that it was a great sound bite.

“You know ‘get Brexit done’, it’s very simple to digest.

“It’s very simple to repeat. The fact that it isn’t true and you can’t just get Brexit done, didn’t really matter.”

Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan pointed out that everyone “was sick of hearing about it.”

Ms Butler continued: “We’re all sick of Brexit. But the whole point is, it’s not going to be done. It can’t be done simply.”

However, Mr Murnaghan said voters were in face “sick of Jeremy Corbyn.”

He said: “Did you not hear that?

“I mean a lot of the candidates [Labour] did not mention the leader when they were campaigning to get back in.”

Ms Butler said: “I don’t think that’s 100 percent true.

“I mean it’s true that some things were mentioned on the doorstep.

“Mainly things that were parroted by the media.”

But Mr Murnaghan interrupted and said: “These were not made up by the media.”


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