Labour polls: Can Labour win the election?


LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn is hoping to seize power from the Conservatives and win a parliamentary majority for the Labour Party. But can Labour actually win this election?

Boris Johnson announced a snap general election in October, and while polls have fluctuated over whether the Conservatives will get a majority, or another hung parliament, Labour has consistently ranked behind the Conservatives in vote share. Today, all party leaders were out en masse for the final time of this election, trying to win as many people over as possible.

Jeremy Corbyn paid a visit to the marginal seat of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland today to spread what he deemed a “message of hope”.

The seat is sure to be hotly contested in this election, as it was narrowly won by the Tories in 2017.

Mr Corbyn told campaigners: “Please do absolutely everything you can to win in Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, and all the other marginal constituencies.

“It is our chance tomorrow to elect a government that will be for the many not the few.”

The trip was part of the Labour leader’s whistle-stop tour of the UK today.

However, on the final day of campaigning, Mr Corbyn refused to speak about the latest YouGov MRP poll today.

The latest and final general election MRP model from YouGov shows the Conservative Party narrowly winning with an overall majority in this election.

Predicted vote shares stand at 43 percent for the Conservatives, 34 percent for Labour, 12 percent for the Liberal Democrats and three percent for the Brexit Party.

The data was collected between December 4 and December 10, and is the product of 105,612 interviews.

However, the model has a margin of error, and its predictions range between 311 and 367 for Tory seats forecast to win.

This could mean Boris Johnson would be left with a hung parliament, which could be disastrous for his plans to pass his Withdrawal Agreement through the House of Commons.

Although worrying for Mr Johnson, the result is even more worrying to Mr Corbyn, who could potentially be losing 50 of the seats Labour won in 2017.

He said: “I never ever comment on opinion polls the only poll that matters is the one tomorrow.”

Asked if he should resign if Labour fails to get a majority, he replied: “I think you should concentrate on the election and the fact that Labour is going to win the election.”

Mr Corbyn spoke to the Guardian earlier this week, and the Labour leader has remained confident Labour will win this election.

He said: “I’ve been to 60-something seats already. Most of them are offensive marginals, where we’re trying to win them.

“I haven’t been to that many places that we’re defending, but I want to support colleagues who’ve done a great job – so I went to Crewe to support Laura Smith, we’re going to Stroud to support David Drew.

“But most of the places we’ve been to are places we’re going to win.”


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