Labour will be ‘FINISHED’ if Long-Bailey elected leader declares former Blair adviser


REBECCA LONG-BAILEY and Richard Burgon as the new Labour leadership team would leave the party “finished” according to Tony Blair’s former advisor Lance Price.

Mr Price was discussing the potential next Labour party leader during an LBC interview with Andrew Castle. Ms Long-Bailey and Mr Burgon have been suggested as a possible new leadership team but Mr Castle said regarding the duo “Rebecca Long-Bailey and Richard Burgon and I mean, you’ve got to be kidding me?” Mr Price argued if Long-Bailey was chosen to lead it could spell the end of the Labour Party. 

Mr Castle said: “I saw a possible ticket from the Corbynite wing of the party and I thought to myself, they wouldn’t would they?

“But then I looked at Miliband and I thought they wouldn’t, would they?

“And I looked at Jeremy Corbyn, they wouldn’t would they? And this is Rebecca Long-Bailey and Richard Burgon and I mean, you’ve got to be kidding me?”

Mr Price replied: “Well, if that was the leadership team, then Labour would be finished.”

The LBC host stated: “People will say why do you say that Andrew, why do you say that Lance Price?”

Mr Price responded: “Because they come from such a narrow section of the Labour Party, in terms of in terms of its thinking, never mind anything else and because they represent the kind of politics that has led us to being in the position that it was back in 1935.

“Worse than it ever was under Margaret Thatcher and when Michael Foot was the leader of the Labour Party, and it suggests that the party simply hasn’t listened to the message that the electorate gave them this week, last week.”

Mr Castle then asked: “Who is going to make the Labour Party electable?”

Mr Price replied: “It should definitely be a woman, it should definitely be someone outside of London.”

Yesterday on LBC Liz Kendall called for Jeremy Corbyn to go and a “new leadership team” to take Labour forward following the party’s disastrous general election results.

She said: “I think, we need a new leadership team, if I’m honest and a new direction for the part.

“I mean with the scale of the defeat itself, I think we have to demonstrate that we understand how categorically we’ve been rejected by the public, that we are determined to listen to voters to hear what they say and to change.”

She added: “I think it’s very hard to do that. If the voters see and hear the same people saying the same things at the top of the party.

“It’s not just about Jeremy. Of course, Jeremy, of course, he was raised on the doorstep but it’s about something much bigger.

“It’s about the direction of travel that has happened in the Labour Party and that the voters didn’t like it.”

The Labour Party only secured 202 seats in the general election, a staggering 163 less than the Conservative Party.


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