Labour’s ex-general secretary Lord McNicol sues the party over its ‘slanted’ anti-Semitism report


LABOUR’S former general secretary is suing the party over the anti-Semitism crisis.

Lord Iain McNicol – a moderate – has accused the party of falsely blaming him for the racism crisis in a hugely controversial report put together by Jeremy Corbyn’s allies.

The Labour peer will join forces with dozens of senior party staff furious at the way they say their reputation has been traduced.

Corbyn loyalists claimed the leaked document laid bare how ‘Blairites’ at Labour’s HQ actively worked against the then leader and stopped Labour winning the 2017 Election.

But party moderates have insisted the internal report – and its subsequent leak – was an attempt by die-hard Corbynites to distract from the soon to be revealed EHRC report.

Lord Iain’s lawyer Mark Lewis said he would now take the party to court over the leak.

Mr Lewis told Newsnight: “Iain McNichol is named in the report and is blamed for things that simply didn’t happen.

“It’s a mischaracterisation of a report which has been taken on.”

He said the report was “incredibly edited, incredibly slanted, incredibly misleading” and added that Corbynistas were “quoting from that as though it’s some sort of gospel as though it’s the answer to everything.”

He added: “Obviously, the people who are quoting it haven’t read the 851 pages of the report”.

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