Labour’s obsession with NHS privatization has blinded it to the bill’s real flaws.


Labour’s obsession with NHS privatization has blinded it to the bill’s real flaws.

You’d think that if the Conservatives truly wanted to privatize the NHS, they’d have done so by now.

The Conservatives are currently in disarray, having failed to fulfill many of their most important promises.

Disappointments include social care, rail upgrades, and low taxes.

But I have some bad news for you: they have yet to complete their secret evil plan to privatize the NHS, which has been in the works for decades.

During this week’s Commons debates on the Health and Care Bill, Labour and health campaigners again accused the Conservative Party of this.

To summarize, this extremely complicated piece of legislation creates 42 “Integrated Care Systems,” among other things.

These new statutory bodies are in charge of health and social care planning, payment, and delivery.

They bring together the providers of care, such as GPs, hospitals, private companies, and non-profits, with the trusts that commission them, as well as local governments and other bodies in a given area.

Opponents of the bill claim that it allows for even more privatization of the health care system.

They believe they can argue this because private companies that run major services in a local area will be able to have representatives on Integrated Care Boards (ICB).

As a result, opposition MPs have used the words “privatise the NHS” in their speeches criticizing the Bill in recent days.

“There is a complete and utter incompatibility between the aims of private companies and what we say should be the aims of the NHS and the ICBs,” Labour’s Shadow Health Minister Justin Madders told the Chamber.

Bell Ribeiro-Addy claimed it “rolls out the red carpet for private companies, ramps up the Government’s long-standing attempts to privatize the NHS,” while Margaret Greenwood told MPs that “as we know, the Bill is also about privatization.”

Peppa Pig was used as a media ploy to hide the fact that your NHS was being handed over to private health care.

That is, unless we are aware of it.

This bill has nothing to do with privatization.

It’s not like it’s a secret.

In many ways, the independent health think tanks that examined it have made this very clear.

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Labour’s obsession with the privatization of the NHS blinded it to the bill’s real flaws.

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Labour’s obsessive fear of NHS privatisation blinded it to the real flaws in the Health and Social Care bill

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