Lebanese Chinese Business Association eyes China’s help in solving containers shortage


BEIRUT, May 12 (Xinhua) — The Lebanese Chinese Business Association (LCBA) said on Wednesday that it hopes China can help support the production of containers amid a worldwide shortage.

“China’s strong production capabilities may contribute to solving this problem by increasing production of containers and focus on the use of technology to organize the worldwide demand for containers,” the LCBA said in a statement.

The LCBA noted that China was capable of making economic, scientific and commercial achievements and adopting practical solutions to this problem.

“There is a great role that China may be able to play to restore balance to the global trade sector given the country’s huge capabilities and its powerful economy. Such solutions can support Chinese exporters and traders worldwide,” the association said.

The shortage of containers had a major negative impact on global trade as 60 percent of products are shipped by use of containers, according to the LCBA. Enditem


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