Leicester’s Been Put Back in Lockdown


Leicester has such a serious coronavirus situation that it’s been put back in lockdown all by itself.

In what is likely the first of several local lockdowns, all the non-essential shops are shutting again, schools are closing again, and they don’t get to participate in Everything Is Fine Day on the 4th of July when pubs and such will reopen everywhere else.

Short of building a wall around the city, there is absolutely no way this is going to work. People have cars. In fact, it might actually backfire, with people from the most virus-hit city dispersing to their local towns so they can have a pint or go shopping, thus spreading the virus into places that were less badly affected.

If you’ve ever played Pandemic, basically you’ve picked up the Leicester card when the city was already fully-cubed, and now it’s spewing cubes all over its neighbours. Cool.

According to Matt Hancock, Leicester has somehow managed to have a whopping 10 per cent of all the country’s coronavirus cases in the last week, so it’s clear action needs to be taken – but human nature needs to be considered as well. After all the events of the last few weeks (“This beach I’ve gone to visit is too crowded! How dare all these OTHER people risk their lives?!”), it’s sadly evident we can’t trust some people to do the right thing.

Apparently lockdown measures will be enforced “in some cases,” which presumably means unless it’s Dominic Cummings.

Hancock says Leicester’s infection rate is 3x higher than the next highest city in the UK, and although the government had tried “targeted action” at local schools and workplaces, a stronger solution was needed. I mean, we’re not saying dome, but has anyone considered… dome?

The lockdown will be in place for at least two weeks, and reviewed periodically. [BBC]

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