Lexi Reed has a husband, but who is he?


Lexi Reed’s husband’s name is unknown.

LEXI Reed is a well-known social media influencer who has chronicled her 300-pound weight loss journey since 2016.

Her husband Danny has accompanied her on her journey, and now fans want to learn more about him and their relationship.

Lexi, 31, is a social media influencer with 1.2 million Instagram followers who is frequently seen posting to her account.

She became famous in 2016 after she and Danny embarked on a weight-loss journey together, during which they lost over 400 pounds.

According to reports, the journey began as a challenge.

Lexi told People in 2018 that a friend challenged her and her friends to a 30-day fast without eating out, cheat meals, soda, or alcohol.

“We began cooking, meal planning, calorie counting, and nutritional label reading.”

There isn’t much more information about her personal life available outside of her social media presence.

Lexi is married to Danny, who is a social media influencer as well.

Danny, like his wife, has been seen posting about his weight loss journey on social media, claiming to have lost 95 pounds since January 2016.

His Instagram account, @discoveringdanny, has over 233,000 followers and is full of photos of the couple.

Danny was seen posting from Lexi’s account in February 2022, updating her fans on her medical condition.

She is reportedly fighting for her life after being put on a ventilator and put into a medically induced coma as of February 11.

“Sorry for the late update,” Danny wrote, “but I (@discoveringdanny and family) have been concentrating on getting Lexi back to health.”

” Lexi had been sick for a few weeks and was unable to eat.

She began to act strangely, so I took her to the hospital, where she was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), placed on a medically induced [coma], placed on a ventilator, and told me that her organs were failing.

He continued, “They also told me that if I had waited, she might have died.”

“She’s on dialysis, can’t walk, and is trying to get back on her feet.”

Lexi’s medical condition is still unknown at this time.

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