Liam Gallagher’s son Gene, 18, and the 18-year-old grandson of Beatle Ringo Starr in court


Liam Gallagher’s son has been seen smiling with his mother Nicole Appleton after he appeared in court with Ringo Starr’s grandson.

Gene Gallagher was pictured with the All Saints star and his half brother Lennon on a London street this afternoon.

It came after Gene and Sonny Starkey pleaded not guilty to affray at Highbury Corner Magistrates.

The pair, both 18, were charged alongside IMG model Noah Ponte, 19, over an alleged late-night fight in Tesco Express on Heath Street, Hampstead.

Ms Appleton, 45, can be seen hugging Lennon, 20, while Gene stands next to them holding luggage.

Gene and Starkey were described as ‘windmilling’ down the aisle at a shopkeeper trying to stop them leaving, magistrates were told.

Ponte racially abused the shopkeeper after he could not buy a can of beer at midnight – as it was after 11pm – and tried to walk out of the store without paying, the court heard.

All three are charged with affray, using or threatening unlawful violence towards another, with 19-year-old Ponte also charged with racially aggravated common assault.

He is accused of telling a worker: ‘You bloody Indians. Go back to where you came from. You’re not wanted here.’

Prosecutor Adeal Mahmood (CORR) at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court said: ‘On Friday 17 May at around midnight police received a call from Tesco Express with a report that a group of males were fighting with staff at the location.

‘On arrival there was a large group congregating outside and inside the store they had detained Mr Starkey and Mr Gallagher.

‘Mr Ponte was outside the pub opposite the store. On seeing police, Mr Ponte walked away heading towards Hampstead underground station.

‘All of the suspects were detained by officers and identified as being part of the fight.

‘On speaking with the staff they confirmed that they had been inside the store and one of them tried to purchase a can of alcohol but it wouldn’t scan because Tesco do not sell alcohol after 11pm.

‘When challenged, Mr Ponte attempted to leave the store with the alcohol. When staff intervened, they started to fight with the staff causing cuts on the member of staff.

‘Mr Shium Patel did not have any lasting injuries.

‘Mr Patel states Mr Ponte attacked him and said to him, ‘You bloody Indians. Go back to where you came from. You’re not wanted here.’

‘CCTV captures Mr Starkey and Mr Gallagher fighting windmilling down the store aisle.’

Gallagher, 18 and Starkey, 19 today, as well as Ponte, all elected for their trial to take place at Crown Court.

Magistrate chair Hilary Arnold said: ‘Your next appearance is at Wood Green on 9 March in the morning. You need to be no later than 9.30am for a 10am start.

‘If you were late or didn’t turn up, you could be committing a separate offence.’

Starkey was supported in court by drummer and road manager father Jason, while Liam Gallagher did not attend.

Gene is the son of the former Oasis frontman and All Saints star Nicole Appleton.

The teenage trio, who wore suits, only spoke to give their addresses, dates of birth and said their nationality is English.


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