Libya’s eastern-based army destroys military equipment of UN-backed gov’t in Misurata


TRIPOLI, Dec. 16 (Xinhua) — The eastern-based army of Libya on Monday announced launching airstrikes on location in Misurata city, some 200 km east of the capital Tripoli, and destroying military equipment belonging to the UN-backed government forces.

The airstrikes destroyed locations used to store Turkish-made military equipment and military supply lines, the eastern-based army’s information office said in a statement.

The eastern-based army on Saturday announced launching an airstrike on the Misurata air base and destroying sites used to store Turkish-made drones, warning against using the city’s ships and airplanes against transporting Turkish military equipment.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Misurata declared mobilization of forces to counter intensified strikes of the eastern-based army on the city.

The statement confirmed that an emergency chamber has been established in the city to “harness all possibilities” to confront the eastern-based army.

“We declare mobilization in the city and place all Misurata’s capabilities under the command of the state for the final battle in order to eliminate tyranny,” the statement said.

“We call upon the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord to fully exploit those opportunities and use all the public possibilities in the final battle,” the statement added.

The eastern-based army has been leading a military campaign in and around Tripoli since early April, trying to take over the city and topple the UN-backed government.

Thousands have been killed and injured in the fighting, and more than 120,000 people fled their homes from the violence.

Khalifa Haftar, commander of the eastern-based army, declared on Thursday the launch of the final stage of the military campaign in and around the Tripoli, ordering his troops to further advance into the city.


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