Lidl is Britain’s cheapest supermarket with a basket of 33 everyday groceries costing £44.53


Lidl has been revealed as the UK’s cheapest supermarket for everyday groceries, according to a new report.

A comparison of some of Britain’s biggest food retailers found the German discount chain was the best option for shoppers looking to buy grocery staples on a budget.

The study by trade magazine The Grocer compared a shopping basket of 33 typical grocery items, such as skimmed milk, sliced bread, baked beans and dried pasta.

Lidl was far and away the cheapest of the lot with a total bill of £44.53, making it cheaper than nearest rival Asda by £6.60. 

The report also found Lidl was nearly £20 cheaper than upmarket grocers Waitrose, where a list containing a comparable mix of branded and own-label items cost £62.34.

Morrisons came third in the list of six grocers with a total bill of £54.69, while Tesco and Sainsbury’s were closely priced at £57.21 and £57.51 respectively.

Research showed that Lidl had the lowest price for 24 of the 33 items, while it shared the lowest price with another retailer on an additional three products. 

The magazine said that Lidl capped a positive start to 2020 with a convincing victory in The Grocer 33 survey, which checks out weekly prices at major supermarket chains – but last week added Lidl as a guest retailer to the list.

It said the discounter was widely hailed as the grocery retailer that won the Christmas battle after posting an 11 per cent uplift in sales.

‘This week it came in £6.60 cheaper than Asda at £44.53, putting a stop to the Walmart-owned retailer’s nine-week winning streak ‘ said The Grocer.

‘Lidl had the lowest price for 27 lines with 24 exclusively cheapest. In so doing it significantly widened its margin of victory to 12.9 per cent, compared with 8.1 per cent when it made its previous guest appearance in October.

‘Asda would easily have made it a perfect 10 had it not been for Lidl. At £51.13 it was £3.56 cheaper than Morrisons and more than £6 cheaper than Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

‘Morrisons came in £10.16 more expensive than Lidl at £54.69, a difference of 18.6per cent.

‘There was little evidence of Tesco’s much-publicised new year price cuts as it came in £12.68 more expensive than Lidl at £57.21. Sainsbury’s was a further 30p more expensive at £57.51.

‘Both retailers only managed to offer the lowest price on two lines while neither carried an exclusively cheapest product.’

The Grocer’s findings come a week after consumer watchdog Which? claimed Sainsbury’s was the cheapest supermarket for branded groceries.

A trolley of 53 branded items cost an average £107.01 over the year, with the trolley costing 64p more at runner-up Asda and £2.12 more at third-placed Morrisons.

Discount stores Lidl and Aldi were not included in the study as they did not sell the branded items.


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