Lil Xan, 22, claims he pulled gun out at stranger in ‘self-defence’


Rapper Lil Xan was involved in a heated exchange at a gas station in June, where he shouted racial slurs and threatened a man with a handgun following an argument over Tupac Shakur. 

And according to TMZ, Lil Xan, 22, claims he pulled the gun on the stranger is self-defence, but police are looking at the incident as a possible case of assault with a deadly weapon.

Law enforcement sources told the site: ‘the LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division has taken over the investigation which could lead to a very serious felony.’

Lil Xan did not fire the weapon at any point, but a person can be charged with assault with a deadly weapon if the alleged victim feared he might be shot.

Police have viewed TMZ’s own video of the incident but are also looking for video content from nearby buildings. 

The site quotes: ‘There’s also a restaurant across the street that may have surveillance vid of the full encounter. That could provide more context beyond [the TMZ]video, which starts when the argument is already in full swing.’

Police apparently want to get Lil Xan’s side of the story and they could either present their case to the District Attorney’s office or get a warrant to arrest him.  

Lil Xan could be charged with a felony which carries a maximum sentence of four years. 

The trouble started back in June when the rapper was seen in surveillance footage arguing with a man outside a 7/11 in Downtown Los Angeles after he was asked why he talked ‘s**t’ about hip-hop icon Tupac.

In a March 2018 interview with Revolt TV, Xan branded the hall-of-fame artist’s music ‘boring’, sparking a wave of controversy that irked several of his fellow rappers and led calls for his music to be ‘cancelled’.

But it appears he didn’t appreciate the matter-of-fact being re-thrust into face yesterday night, as Xan can be heard replying to the man ‘What the f*** you want, bruh? Get the f*** out, n*****.’

He then retreats to his black Mercedes G-class where he pulls out a hand gun and begins waiving it erratically at his tormentor.

The man filming the video, which was first reported by TMZ, can be heard laughing at the rapper, goading him to show it hold it up for the camera again.

‘Look at this guy pulling a gun, right now,’ he says. ‘Pull that s**t out again, homie.’

Xan obliges, pointing the barrel back at the man a number of times, before waiving it at him a final time as his girlfriend, Annie Smith, urges him to get in the car.

The unnamed man behind the camera filed a report at the time, leading to an investigated. 

In response, the rapper took to Instagram to issue a statement, claiming he pulled the hand-gun out in self-defence.

‘The media is gonna try and twist was just happened at a gas station,’ he wrote. ‘I was about to be attacked and resorted to having to use self defence, f*** all you old head ass b****** still talking bout that 2pac s*** live your own life and stop picking on a kid.’

Lil Xan gives 2pac a rating of 2 for “boring music.” RT if you have… questions.

💨 Catch the full interview here:

Xan’s controversial opinion on Tupac’s music has continued to prompt controversies and confrontations.

Just days after originally making the sensational outburst, Xan was surrounded by a group of high-schoolers in Redlands, California voicing their disapproval about his unsavoury comments.

The rapper fled to a near-by YMCA where he had to be escorted back to his car by a police officer.

‘They’re saying I’m a p***y for the police escorting me away from a group of 20 people that wanted to jump me,’ Xan said in a video posted to social media about the incident.

‘And, you can call me a p***y all you want, but, I am not a gang-banging rapper. Am I supposed to act hard? Am I supposed to not f*** with the police ’cause I’m a rapper? Oh wait, I have to huh? ‘Cause that’s what cool rappers do?’

MailOnline has contacted a spokesperson for Lil Xan for comment. 


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