LIVE UK snow forecast – Exact date snow and Arctic blast could hit revealed as entire country feared to be at risk


LIVE UK snow forecast – Exact date snow and Arctic blast could hit revealed, with the entire country feared to be at risk

THE WEATHER IS CHANGING, and early forecast maps predict that Britain will turn white by the middle of next week.

WXCharts’ snow prediction forecasts show that Britain could be blanketed in snow later this month as a wave of cold air sweeps across Europe.

An ice cold weather front is expected to arrive on Wednesday, January 19th, and could last at least a week, according to the forecast.

A second wave of snow is expected to hit the country around 6 a.m. on Thursday, January 27th, according to forecasts.

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“A foggy start to Saturday for some across England and Wales,” the Met Office tweeted, “with this persisting in places all morning.”

“A cloudy start to the day for Northern Ireland and western Scotland.”

“A better start for some areas in the middle.”

For some people in England and Wales, Saturday began with a (hashtag)foggy start, which lasted throughout the morning.

Northern Ireland and western Scotland will have a gloomy start to the day, with a lot of cloud.

For some areas in between, a brighter start pic.twitter.commBAo38d1mr

Fog patches will form in the evening and spread throughout the night, potentially causing travel disruption.

Sunny spells after early fog patches clear.

England and Wales have had some chilly mornings, while Scotland has been milder, with temperatures remaining close to normal.

It can get quite windy in the north at times.

Any fog will most likely clear slowly, especially in some eastern parts of England.

A few bright or sunny intervals elsewhere, but mostly cloudy, with the occasional light shower.

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Adjusting stopping distances and keeping your screen clean are two important safety tips.

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Snow could return as early as next week due to a COLD snap.

From Tuesday, “wintry showers” will accompany icy temperatures and freezing fog, with the possibility of a sprinkling of the white stuff.

Snow is expected on January 24th, according to the charts…

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