‘Living Barbie’, 22, quits job because she’s ‘too hot to work’ after shelling out £135k on plastic surgery


A WOMAN has claimed she’s ‘too hot to work’ after spending £135,000 to go under the knife to look like Barbie.

Barbara Luna Sipos, 22, said she became obsessed with the iconic dolls whens he was a child.

The woman, from Budapest, said she had always dreamed of becoming a “living doll”.

Her now ex-husband forked out £135,000 to help Barbara achieve this blonde bombshell look.

Barbara said: “I always wanted to look like a fantasy character or a human doll.

“My first childhood memory is playing with Barbie dolls and I started my ‘dollification’ at the age of seventeen.”

Barbara has undergone 10 surgeries – including increasing her cup size from 34B to 34F.

Since going under the knife, she has quit her job as a receptionist because she says her look made men “crazy”.

Barbara added: “So I realised that this kind of work was not for me because I live in a society where a very attractive woman doesn’t have many options to keep her job or gain a higher position without giving men sex – which I didn’t want.

Her ex-husband paid for all the surgery and Barbara claims he loved her Barbie look just as much as she did.

Her surgeries also included £12,000 for rhinoplasties as well as a v-line chin and jaw reduction and a Barbie forehead surgery each costing £12,000.

She’s also undergone a browlift for £5,000, a lip lift for £2,300, lip filler treatments for £6,300, a Brazilian butt lift for just under £8,000 and even vagina surgery for around £5,500.

Barbara did say there was a downside to all the surgery as people sometimes don’t take her seriously, Yahoo news reported.

She says she tries to surround herself with “open-minded people”.

Barbara said she isn’t going to stop getting surgery as she has a third rhinoplasty, rib removal surgery and butt injections planned.


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