Looking For a Galaxy S20? Three Has a Bunch of Great Deals For You to Enjoy


Samsung’s Galaxy S20 range is not for the light-walleted, but now that the devices have been around for a couple of months (and Samsung presumably wants to shift stock during the pandemic) you can get some really got deals on thee S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. Like these ones on Three.

The S20 is available on a 24 month plan with 100GB of data, plus unlimited minutes and texts, for a monthly cost of £45 (plus £29 upfront). That deal is available with the grey, blue, and pink colours, all of which come with 128GB of storage and 5G support.

The S20+ deal has the same allowances and costs £47 a month (with the same £29 upfront). That’s available in black or grey, and both have 128GB of storage. The S20 Ultra is a lot more expensive at £65 a month (plus £29 upfront), and again comes with the same allowances and storage on a 24 month contract. That’s also available in black and grey.

If you have no need for a phone, but you’re a sucker for a bargain, Three also has a 12GB SIM only plan that’ll cost you £8 a month. That’s a single year contract instead of two, but it also comes with unlimited calls and texts for you to enjoy.

And of course both those include all the other standard perks Three has on all contracts, with Go Binge offering unlimited use on various social media platforms (not that you need it on an unlimited plan) as well as roaming in 71 places around the world, plus exclusives perks and upgrades when travelling with easyJet.


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