Louis Vuitton charging fashion victims £4k for disastrous quadruple denim look


LOUIS Vuitton is charging fashion victims thousands of pounds for a disastrous quadruple denim look.

The French fashion house is flogging a monogrammed jacket for £2,010 and a pair of matching jeans for £1,210.

There’s also a denim shirt in the same style on the way and buyers can top off the look with a bucket hat for a whopping £510.

The clothes come in a patchwork of shades with the firm’s initials printed on some sections of fabric.

And would-be buyers are told about the pricey jacket: “Designed in collaboration with the iconic Japanese designer Nigo, this denim piece offers a patchwork of Louis Vuitton signatures.

“It is crafted from two denim jacquard fabrics, one adorned with the Monogram and the other with a giant Damier motif. Distinctive wavy seams join the two fabrics, with yellow topstitching and a Louis Vuitton2 tab in VVN leather completing the effect.”

And the firm is also selling a bonkers-looking range of skirts for men – and one is a giant flag. The £3,850 garment features a number of designs including the Union flag and the US stars and stripes. It can be whipped on and off thanks to a handy Velcro fastener.

And the firm says of the silk skirt: “This Pleated Flag Skirt blends fluid folds and graphic national elements to create an exceptionally statement piece.

“Crafted from printed silk, it channels this season’s Flagification theme by melding disparate flag details into an inclusive whole. For additional comfort, the waistband opens and closes with a practical Velcro fastening.”

Another bloke’s skirt is a grey number that’s described as a strong statement piece. The designer says: “A strong statement piece, this exceptional Pleated Skirt showcases the season’s featured plissé technique.

“It is crafted from wool-canvas tailoring fabric with tight pleats adding texture and fluidity to the elongated silhouette. The waistband features a practical Velcro fastening system.”

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