Love expert’s ‘sustainable marriage quiz’ could determine whether your relationship is failing


This quiz claims to determine whether your marriage still feels fresh and exciting – or is languishing at the bottom of a relationship rut.

The 10-question test was created by Gary W. Lewandowski Jr., a professor at Monmouth University in New Jersey, who has dedicated his life to better understanding relationships. 

The questions reveal whether your relationship allows for ‘self expansion’ and satisfies a ‘desire for improvement’, which Dr Lewandowski argues are vital to maintaining a fulfilling partnership. 

Without these, couples are prone to stop trying new things and the relationship can become stale and boring.

Answer each question, giving it a score between 1 (not very much) and 7 (very much) depending on how strongly you agree.

Tally up your answers to give a total score out of 70. 

You and your partner have a ‘low connection’. Your relationship is not creating opportunities that help expand your knowledge and make you feel better about yourself. 

Make an effort to share new experiences with your partner to improve your relationship. 

You and your partner have a ‘moderately exciting’ relationship. 

Your relationship has led to moderate improvements in your life and some new experiences. But there’s definitely room for improvement. 

You and your partner have a ‘highly expansive’ relationship. You are gaining a lot of new experiences and reaching new goals as a result of your relationship. 

Chances are you have a happier, more sustainable relationship as a result.


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