Luohu officials urged to focus on risk management


The Luohu district government held a work conference on June 11 to study General Secretary Xi Jinping’s recent speeches on how to defuse grave risks, as well as deployments of the provincial and municipal authorities, and make new deployments of the district’s work in this regard.

Luohu Party Chief Luo Yude delivered a speech at the conference presided over by District Governor Liu Zhiyong. Other senior officials of the district government, including Zhou Yichuan, Lv Manni, Fan Defan, Lai Jianhua and Yu Hongjun took part in the meeting.

The conference pointed out that the district needs to strengthen its sense of political responsibility, respond properly to new challenges and circumstances, and firmly guard against big risks.

The conference stressed that all district authorities must try their best to prevent risk and promote stability, as well as strive to secure victories in both pandemic control and economic and social development.

The meeting emphasized that all details must be addressed and that a strict accountability system must be implemented. Additionally, more attention must be paid to the analysis and diagnosis of major risk issues, enhancing dynamic monitoring and improving real-time early warning capabilities to nip any potential danger in the bud.


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