Madeleine McCann cops ‘launch searches for her body in wells on the Algarve’


PORTUGUESE police have reportedly launched searches for Madeleine McCann’s body on the Algarve.

The searches are said to have been conducted in wells in Vila do Bispo, a 20 minute drive west of Praia da Luz where the British youngster vanished aged three, in May 2007.

Portuguese state broadcaster RTP is saying detectives discovered “fundamental evidence” to be able to prove suspect Christian B is responsible for her disappearance.

Firefighters had also been called in to help with the search with reports saying they were ”looking for a body”.

The broadcaster has also linked the German 43-year-old to another missing persons’ case in the Algarve resort of Silves. More details are expected to be revealed later.

RTP reporter Sandra Felgueiras last week revealed Christian B had been arrested on suspicion of exposing himself to children in a playground a short drive from Praia da Luz in 2017 when he was on the run from German authorities.

She also quizzed a couple the convicted paedophile used to live with in Portugal who claimed a Scotland Yard neighbour had been helping Algarve investigators probe Madeleine’s disappearance.

There was no immediate official response from Portuguese police to the RTP well search claims.

Last month, we reported how cops were poised to dig up land around two Portuguese lairs where Christian B lived near Praia da Luz.

One home, a farmhouse, is just 25 minutes’ walk from the hotel where the Madeleine went missing 13 years ago. 

The single-storey farmhouse property is littered with abandoned wells and sits on a hillside with a footpath to the beach where the three-year-old played.

Portuguese police were said to be considering searching the abandoned wells near the farmhouse, which was rented by Christian B.

According to Portuguese newspaper Sol, the Judicial Police (PJ) has looked at the possibility Madeleine’s body could be in the wells.

But at that point Portuguese cops hadn’t received a request from German authorities to search places frequented in the Algarve by Christian B, it was reported.

After the recent appeal which led to Christian B being identified as a suspect, Portuguese police were said to be on standby to search areas German prosecutors pinpointed as possible burial sites once they had extra information.

In June 2014, Scotland Yard detectives backed by a team of sniffer dogs excavated scrubland around 300 yards from the farmhouse building, but unearthed no clues.

The beauty spot is also well known to Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann, who regularly jogged around Black Rock after launching their hunt for their daughter in Praia da Luz in May 2007.

A Portuguese source said in June: “Judicial Police have confirmed they have been approached by German authorities in connection with the case and they will undoubtedly be prepared to carry out fresh searches in the hope of giving the McCanns closure.

“The obvious focus would be around the hillside former farm building and another property nearby with links to him.”



The German serial offender is currently in jail in his homeland for unrelated offences.

German prosecutors say they believe Madeleine is dead and have identified Christian B as the prime suspect.


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