Madeleine McCann suspect’s ‘hidden cellar’ left untouched since year tot vanished as cops remove skips full of evidence


A HIDDEN cellar at an ­allotment used by the Madeleine McCann prime suspect has remained untouched since she disappeared in 2007, locals said yesterday.

Paedo Christian B, 43, used the plot in Seelze, Hanover, in the year Madeleine, 3, was snatched in Portugal.

In dramatic developments yesterday, cops removed two skips full of concrete blocks and a child’s bucket.

Strained looking officers were pictured standing on the site on Wednesday afternoon rubbing their face as the dig took its toll.

Neighbours told how Christian B, who has a history of 17 child sex offences, lived off-grid at the site.

He told them he wanted to insulate a small shack standing on a concrete base in the 15ft plot.

The structure was mysteriously demolished shortly after he left the site in 2007 or 2008, with no visible sign of the cellar left.

But it was finally uncovered yesterday afternoon by 100  police and forensics teams, who have spent days using dogs, diggers and underground radar equipment.

Wolfgang Kossack, 73, who owns a neighbouring plot, said Christian B told him he lived “off grid” at the time and no one knew he was there.

He would often be seen with a girlfriend and stayed in a VW Transporter  parked next to the site.

Mr Kossack said: “He never did any gardening or tried to grow anything. He just sat around drinking beer.”  

Locals claimed there had been no new tenants since he disappeared. One claimed the plot had “been untouched since 2007”.

The development comes a month after the owner of an allotment Christian B rented 45 miles away in Braunschweig claimed he wanted to build a “Fritzl cell” under her land.

Pals have previously said they and Christian B would joke about him emerging as a suspect, saying: “Maddie’s downstairs in the cellar. Come on Christian, get Maddie out of the cellar.”

Mr Kossack said he appeared to have plans to insulate the cellar, and was “trying to cut himself off and hide from society”.

Cops were tipped off about his use of the Hanover allotment by another tenant who saw a German crime show last month featuring Madeleine’s 2007 disappearance while on holiday in Praia da Luz.

He never did any gardening or tried to grow anything. He just sat around drinking beer.

The site is three miles from where a sex worker’s dismembered body was found in 2010.

Christian B was questioned over the murder but never charged.

Yesterday police removed the skips crammed with rubble, the bucket and old plates.

Prosecutors confirmed the search was in connection to Madeleine’s disappearance.

By evening police had packed up digging equipment and cordons keeping away the public were also relaxed.

Sources said the operation was likely to come to an end today after the significant discovery of the cellar and retrieval of key evidence.

Meanwhile, a neighbour at his former apartment block four miles away  in the city of Hanover said police had been searching public gardens there.

The flats are next to a school with its playground visible from most windows.

The mother, who has lived there 15 years, said: “Last week there was a police  helicopter overhead plus two tents on the street.

Police were very busy in the gardens opposite. They seemed to be looking for something.  They wouldn’t say what they were doing but it makes sense now knowing that he lived here.

“Christian is remembered for selling weed. His block always stank of cannabis. He was the local dealer.”

He was said to be a  mechanic at the time and rented a garage at Euro Hobbywerkstatt a few miles from the  allotment.

The garage owner said Met Police officers had quizzed him over a workspace Christian B rented and took away paperwork relating to him.

He was nicknamed “the screwdriver” because he always smelled of oil and petrol.

Last month an allotment owner in Braunschweig claimed her tenant Christian B told her he wanted to build a “Fritzl cell” under her land.

Evil  Josef Fritzl fathered seven children with daughter Elisabeth while keeping their family captive for 24 years in Austria. 

The woman  said: “There was a hole in the floor inside the allotment house.

“One day he told me he wanted to put clear plastic over it. I said, ‘What the hell for? Just so you can look down into a dirty old cellar?’

In retrospect I think he wanted to build a Fritzl cellar.”

It has also been previously reported that Christian B laughed when friends joked about him keeping Madeleine in his basement — while boasting  that police had no evidence on him.

He is currently in jail in Kiel for drugs crimes.

German police say they have evidence proving Madeleine is dead.

But they have refused to give details to her parents Gerry and Kate from Rothley, Leics.


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