Mallorca Coach Reveals What Lionel Messi Told Him In Dressing Room During Half-Time


Mallorca’s coach Vicente Moreno has revealed what Lionel Messi told him inside the dressing room during half-time.

After three months of being on hiatus, Barcelona has finally set foot on the pitch once again. The Catalans took on Mallorca on Saturday (June 13) in a one-sided match. It was another day at the office for Barca captain Messi, who scored a right-footed goal in style.

While the match happened without any live fans, it didn’t fail to deliver intensity. In fact, there were even some confrontations which happened behind the camera.

In an interview on Edu Pino’s Youtube channel (via after the game, Mallorca’s coach revealed that he and Messi had a small confrontation during half-time.

According to Moreno, he already had a little disagreement with the Argentine icon on the pitch due to a certain foul. However, more confrontations happened inside the dressing room. Shockingly, Moreno revealed that Messi told him that they will score “seven” goals on them.

“There is an action that goes unnoticed, but it’s Messi. There was a foul, that later seeing the images, it is a foul, we must recognize it, but to me live it did not seem to me. I told the referee and Messi didn’t think so. There was an exchange of words,” Moreno revealed.

“The story happened in the dressing room corridor. Messi told me they were going to put seven past us. He was telling Luis Suarez that they had to put seven past us. In fact, my players were telling me that I was to blame for the defeat because I’d upset Leo. He’s the best in the world, look at his character,” he continued.

Unfortunately, Messi and Barcelona didn’t manage to score seven goals on Mallorca. However, it is quite evident that the Catalan club can really score in bunches as Barcelona destroyed Mallorca 4-0.

Ahead of the match, fans were worried about Messi possibly missing the game after suffering an injury last week. Barcelona confirmed that the 32-year-old has been complaining about a minor thigh injury. But this didn’t stop Messi from scoring and dominating during his return.

Aside from a goal, Messi also dished out two assists and a highlight-worthy nutmeg pass to Antoine Griezmann. However, despite having another impressive game, Messi, along with Griezmann, reportedly did not attend Barcelona’s Sunday training session. Sources claimed that the pair had a bath massage after the game in order to prevent any trouble physically ahead of the match against Leganes.


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