Man who ‘pulled gun on dad & young daughter at Walmart after being told to wear mask’ is charged with aggravated assault


A FLORIDA man is facing felony charges after pulling a gun and pointing it at a Walmart shopper who told him to wear a mask.

After turning himself in Wednesday, Vincent Scavetta, 28, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and improper exhibition of a firearm.

On July 12, Scavetta was seen arguing with another shopper in the electronics department of a Walmart in Palm Beach.

A video of the incident showed Scavetta pull a gun from his waistband and wave it at the man.

Christopher Estrada, 46, was the other man involved in the argument and told police he was shopping with his daughter when he asked Scavetta to cover his face.

According to Estrada, Scavetta swore at him and they argued for a few minutes before other shoppers tried to break them up.

Scavetta told police it was pouring rain when he got to Walmart with his father and he took off his mask because it was soaked, making it hard to breathe and caused his glasses to fog, according to arrest report.

Authorites said that when Scavetta pulled out his gun, he pointed it at Estrada and said, “I’ll kill you” after Estrada told him he didn’t care about his gun.

Scavetta, who has an active concealed weapons license, left the store immediately after the argument was broken up.

Estrada and his daughter stayed in Walmart and called the police.

Walmart announced all shoppers and employees would be required to wear face coverings three days later, going into effect on July 20, the Palm Beach Post reported.

There is currently no federal requirement to wear masks in the United States however states, local governments and counties, including Palm Beach County, have made requirements.

Some of the mask policies at local businesses have causes protests or explosive behavior from customers.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the mask requirement in Palm Beach county went into effect June 25.


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