Many issues concerning Syria warrant deep reflections: Chinese envoy


UNITED NATIONS, March 29 (Xinhua) — As 10 years of protracted conflict in Syria have brought untold suffering to the country and its people, many issues with regard to the current situation in the country warrant deep reflections, said a Chinese envoy on Monday.

Facts have proved time and again that respect for national sovereignty and territorial integrity is an international norm that must be upheld, said Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations.

Political solution is the only viable way to address hot-spot issues. Supporting the path of development chosen by the people of every country that suits its national conditions is the fundamental way, he told the Security Council.

Regime change is not an option, nor will it work. Unilateral sanctions can only aggravate the situation. External military interference can only cause greater disasters and serious consequences, he warned.

Under the current circumstances, the international community should adopt a holistic approach, integrating the political, security, economic, and humanitarian aspects, so as to jointly promote the early achievement of peace, security, and development, said Zhang.

He called for commitment to the right direction of a political settlement, improving the humanitarian situation, lifting unilateral sanctions and economic blockade, and ending foreign occupation and fighting terrorism.

“We must stay committed to the right direction of a political settlement and support the Syrian people in independently deciding the future of their country,” he said.

China calls on all parties in Syria to cooperate with the UN mediation, to jointly promote progress in the work of the Constitutional Committee. The Syrian political process should adhere to the Syrian-led and Syrian-owned principle and the international community should firmly support the Syrian people in exploring their path of development, he said.

The Constitutional Committee should remain independent and free from external interference. The Astana process and related regional countries can play a coordinating and facilitating role. China welcomes the fact that relevant Arab states are positively considering Syria’s return to the Arab League. This is conducive to advancing the political process in Syria, which should be encouraged and supported by the international community, he added.

“We must fully leverage the leading role of the Syrian government so as to fundamentally improve the humanitarian situation on the ground,” said Zhang.

Given the acute pandemic and food security issues in Syria, targeted relief assistance should be provided with a focus on the humanitarian needs of women, children, and other vulnerable groups. Recently, through bilateral channel, China has provided Syria with 150,000 doses of vaccines and 750 tons of rice as the first batch, and will continue to contribute to alleviating the humanitarian crisis in Syria, he said.

China welcomes COVAX providing vaccines to the Syrian people. The Syrian government is cooperating with the United Nations, nongovernmental organizations and other partners in advancing the humanitarian operations and bringing large amounts of medical supplies to the northeast through cross-line delivery. China appreciates those efforts, said Zhang.

The international community should support the United Nations in opening the humanitarian delivery route from Damascus to the northwest as soon as possible, which will gradually reduce Syria’s reliance on a cross-border mechanism, he said. Enditem


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