Market for organic products in Germany reaches 18 bln USD in 2020


BERLIN, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) — The German Association of Organic Farmers, Food Processors and Retailers (BOELW) said on Wednesday that the market for organic products reached 14.99 billion euros (18.1 billion U.S. dollars) last year as Germans spent 22 percent more on organic food year-on-year.

Organic meat, flour as well as fruit and vegetables were “sales hits” in Germany, recording sales increases between 25 percent for fruit and up to 70 percent for poultry, according to BOELW.

“More customers than ever before filled their shopping bags with more organic food,” it said. The COVID-19 pandemic “further strengthened the desire for healthy food produced in an environmentally friendly way.”

The organic share of the total food product market in Germany increased to 6.4 percent in 2020, according to BOELW.

Direct and online marketing, in particular, boomed in Germany, and the so-called organic subscription box services had to “greatly increase their capacity during the first lockdown in order to meet demand,” the association said.

Sales in specialist shops for organic food and natural goods in Germany increased by 16.4 percent year-on-year to 4.37 billion euros last year, the Association of Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers (BNN) said at the beginning of the week.

“With the lack of out-of-home catering, people in 2020 had to cook more by themselves and therefore became more intensely aware of the origin and quality of their food,” said BNN managing director Kathrin Jaeckel in a statement. Regional products from resilient supply chains also gained importance.

BOELW noted that the entire sector was able to cope with the “enormous demand” as many farms in Germany had switched to organic farming in recent years. More than 8,000 farms turned to organic farming in the past five years.

Around ten percent of all agricultural land in Germany was farmed organically, according to BOELW. The German government’s goal is to increase the area of organically farmed land to 20 percent by 2030. Enditem


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