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‘Married At First Sight’: Miles And Karen Say ‘D-Day’ Is Coming [VIDEO]


“Married at First Sight” couple Miles and Karen have gotten married and quarantined together, but are they ready for happily ever after? In an International Business Times exclusive video from Wednesday night’s episode, they discuss why they’re nervous for Decision Day.

Miles asks Karen how she feels about Decision Day coming up and if he can do anything to help with her decision. Karen says she just wants them to continue on their current path.

“More genuine, authentic, natural conversations [would be helpful],” she says. “I think one of the things I struggled with early on was feeling like things were so forced. Like, again, [we were]missing that level of emotional connection to be able to really even want to dig into some of those things with you.”

For Miles, he wants clarity. “It’s a hard balance, right? Between being patient and drawing clarity on Decision Day,” Miles says.

In his confessional with the “Married at First Sight” cameras, Miles says that though Karen feels like they’re connecting more, he still isn’t receiving the affection he needs.

“Over the past month, I think Karen and I really have grown a lot. We feel that we can talk to each other, we feel that we can enjoy each other. But from a physical standpoint, we haven’t gotten to where I want to be. We’ve been married for about three, four months and still Karen doesn’t hug me or kiss me unsolicited. That’s tough for me.”

Miles says he isn’t nervous, but Karen says she is “in a sense” pretty anxious. “Only because I feel like Decision Day is this looming pressure again, but I like that we’ve been able to function in a, like, we’re just genuinely getting to know each other, enjoying each other place without feeling like, here’s D-Day. Not D-Day, but you know.”

“It is D-Day, though,” Miles offers.

Comparing anything to Word War II doesn’t exactly give viewers hope, but it sounds like Karen is getting much more comfortable with her husband. Will it be enough to make them want to stay together on Decision Day? Or will they choose to divorce? 

“Married at First Sight” Season 11 airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.


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