Married At First Sight: ‘Proof’ Chris and Vanessa split after honeymoon


Chris Nicholls and Vanessa Romito’s honeymoon high doesn’t last after leaving Queensland and moving in together in Sydney.

Despite production of Married At First Sight lasting from September to December, two deleted Instagram posts suggest the newlyweds were already living separate lives by October.

In fact, it appears they were one of the first couples to leave the social experiment after saying ‘I do’ on September 10.

On October 3, Chris shared a photo of himself holding a microwave meal, adding that he was back to eating ‘dinners for one’.

The selfie was taken inside the apartment the couple shared in Skye Suites Sydney, where the cast stayed during filming, but Vanessa was nowhere to be seen.

Three days later, on October 6, Vanessa was out partying in Melbourne with friends. 

Her maid of honour, Toobi, shared an Instagram Story post of the pair dancing together in a nightclub. 

The contrasting posts suggest the newlyweds don’t last long in the experiment. 

Interestingly, Chris’ photo of his meal-for-one is no longer on his account, and it’s possible Nine’s publicity department asked him to remove it. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Channel Nine for comment.  

During Thursday’s episode of MAFS, Chris and Vanessa started to connect on their honeymoon, after a rocky start to their marriage. 

While enjoying a picnic at Hervey Bay in Queensland, Chris told Vanessa: ‘There’s a lot of things I’m learning that I like about you. 

‘We say similar things, we have similar values and it’s funny how we’re sort of awkward together. I’m attracted to you, and who knows where that could go?’

After their first passionate kiss, Vanessa said: ‘I wasn’t expecting that! I had no inkling at all that he found me attractive. That’s amazing.

‘I am pretty happy with Chris as my husband, for sure. He’s what I’ve been trying to get but couldn’t find.’


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