Married At First Sight’s Hayley Vernon CONFIRMS toothbrush-gate


Their relationship turned sour when they discussed money during their honeymoon in Singapore on Thursday’s episode of Married At First Sight.

And Hayley Vernon confirmed on Wednesday that things later went from bad to worse with her ‘husband’, David Cannon.

She told The 3pm Pick-Up that an alleged incident known as ‘toothbrush-gate’ did indeed happen during their experimental marriage. 

The finance broker, 32, was asked about rumours truck driver David, 31, had used her toothbrush to clean faeces from a toilet before putting it back next to the sink. 

David had supposedly filmed the revolting act on his iPhone, and shared the footage with his fellow grooms.

‘It is real. It’s repulsive. It’s disgusting,’ Hayley said.

When asked if anything in particular had sparked the incident, the bodybuilder said: ‘Look, I can’t tell you why. But it was a s**t thing to do, excuse the pun.’

She continued: ‘You have to watch how the show plays out… By that action, it says more about David than it says about anyone.

‘When you say, “I want a good orthodox relationship” or “I’m a good Christian boy” and you do something like that, you’re kind of contradicting everything you’re saying.’ 

Hayley said she continued to use the toothbrush for several days after the incident, until the other brides told her what David had done.

‘It’s abusive. That’s what I said straight off the bat. That’s what my dad said. That’s what everyone said,’ she added. 

‘And the fact that he filmed it… I don’t understand it. It’s vile.’

On Thursday’s episode of MAFS, Hayley and David had a tense argument after she made a ‘derogatory comment’ about his $25-an-hour wage. 

Things escalated until David took off his wedding ring in frustration and asked producers to get him another hotel room. 


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