Married At First Sight’s Vanessa Romito hits back at claims she’s on the show for the wrong reasons


Married At First Sight fans may have had their suspicions about Vanessa Romito and her reasons for joining the reality show.

But the brunette told Daily Mail Australia on Saturday she knew people would be questioning her motives for joining MAFS because of her ex-boyfriend Bronson Norrish.

She told Daily Mail Australia: ‘I knew people would be iffy asking if I was genuine going onto the show because of my ex, but at the end of the day I applied back in 2018 when nobody knew who I was and I made it very far in the application process.’

Vanessa continued: ‘I wasn’t going to not reapply in 2019 because an ex had done something. “If your ex likes chocolate does that mean you never touch it again”, No!’ 

‘I came here to find love and this is simply my story,’ she concluded.

Bronson and Vanessa dated for three years before he dumped her to be on Married At First Sight last year, according to Who. 

Former MAFS star Jessica Power recently admitted that she was among those who initially had doubts about the Perth-based pharmacy manager’s intentions.

In an Instagram video, the blonde beauty, 28, said: ‘I thought when I’d seen Vanessa was a bride for 2020 on MAFS – knowing she was Bronson’s ex – I just thought “oh, ok you’re not there for the right reasons.”‘

She continued: ‘But listening to her story and seeing that she was bullied for her looks and… her acne and things like that I really, really felt sorry for her.’

Jessika then praised the experts for matching the raven-haired reality star with her man Chris Nicholls. 

‘I think the experts have done really well with matching her with somebody that isn’t all for the looks,’ she said.

‘Chris is looking for personality and hearing tonight that he was attracted to her I was sitting on the couch going “oh my god I’m so excited!”

The stunner added: ‘I really hope to see these two push through and last.’

In response to Jessika, Vanessa told Daily Mail Australia: ‘I thank Jessika for her kind words, I really appreciate them and all of the positive support I received.’  

Channel Nine declined to comment when contacted by Daily Mail Australia. 


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