Massive illegal raves ‘filled with Brits break out all-over Majorca as revellers pay €100 to party without masks’


BRITS have reportedly been partying at illegal raves in Majorca with hundreds of others without wearing face masks.

Brazen parties happened at a home near the Costa de la Calma region in Calvia, Spain over the weekend.

Up to 200 people were reportedly at the rave, with none following social-distancing rules or wearing masks.

Cops broke the party up after complaints from neighbours.

The owner of the home where the party was held now faces a large fine, as mass gatherings are illegal in Spain due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cops also shut down a rave in Sa Pobla in Majorca, the Diario de Mallorca reported.

More than 100 people were at the party, most Magaluf seasonal workers from the UK and Germany.

Guests were charged between €35 (£31) and €100 (£90) to attend, with an option to buy a VIP pass with unlimited booze and a position close to the DJ.

The organiser of the party is expected to be fined up to €300,000, and will have to pay to fix vandalism of nearby buildings.

A popular beach club in Playa de Portals was also shut down on the weekend after 80 people gathered there.

The club’s owner could be fined up to €300,000 for having more people in attendance than the 60 they were allowed.

Spain holidays could end before they’ve even started as regions are forced to go back into lockdown and beaches close due to crowding.

Around 55 beaches in southern Spain’s Andalucia region were closed during the weekend, as they struggled to maintain social distancing.

The closures included 29 beaches on Málaga’s Costa del Sol, as well as a further 14 in Cádiz, nine in Huelva, two in Almería and one in Granada.

While the majority are thought to have reopened yesterday, it is the third week in a row that beaches have had to close.

Last month, police were forced to turn people away from beaches across the Costa del Sol, while a handful of beaches along the Costa de la Luz shut by lunchtime due to high volumes.

It has raised concerns that even more could close when Brits return again this summer, with tourist numbers rising after flights resumed last month.


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