‘May be boring to you mate but it’s not for Leave voters!’ Piers Morgan ERUPTS at Campbell


PIERS MORGAN returned to Good Morning Britain today alongside Susanna Reid following the General Election which has shown a landslide victory for the Conservatives. The hosts were joined by Alastair Campbell who claimed Piers did not know how democracy works.

Today’s extended Good Morning Britain saw Piers Morgan return with Susanna Reid to host a General Election special. They were joined by Alastair Campbell to discuss the results, which saw Boris Johnson remain as Prime Minister with the Conservative party winning a landslide victory.

Piers began: “Every time I’ve spoken to you in the last three years, you’ve assured me everyone’s changed my mind and if there was another vote they would all vote to remain.

“We’ve just had another election where the British people have resoundingly showed you they haven’t changed their minds.”

“For God Almighty,” Alastair sighed.

Piers hit back: “You can call me Piers.”

“Piers, it’s no wonder your ratings are flagging against the BBC,” Alastair slammed.

“Let somebody else speak. Your ratings aren’t doing as well as you keep tweeting.”

Piers quipped: “They are, what’s not doing as well as you keep tweeting is your party.”

Susanna also jumped in to try and get the debate back on track: “Do you think we can stick on the ratings for the Prime Minister and the Labour party.”

“Susanna, I would love to,” Alastair replied. “Susanna should we have a sensible, grown up conversation about the campaign.”

As Susanna tried to include more contribution to the debate, Alastair made another swipe at Piers.

“I’m sorry he had to listen to Piers’ boring monologues as well,” Alastair stated.

Piers snapped back: “It might be boring to you mate but it’s not boring to those who voted leave!

“You know, you were one of the Remoaners who for three years refused to accept the result.”

Earlier on the show, Piers hit out at Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan, who had urged their fans to vote tactically to unseat the Conservatives.

Piers ranted: “Grant’s reaction was, ‘There goes the neighbourhood.’ Actually there goes his credibility.

“What we’ve discovered, as Hillary Clinton, celebrities can have the opposite effect. Entitled millionaires telling us our vote doesn’t count.

“I watched Coogan on Channel 4 news I think it was, the day before the election, and he was so sneering about Brexiteers, calling them stupid and thick, said his character Alan Partridge was basically like them, ignorant, blah blah blah, off he went on his little rant.”

Piers added: “I thought, oh my God. Imagine you are a working class, northern Labour voter who voted Leave.

“You’ve got this multimillionaire entitled Hollywood brat telling you your vote doesn’t count.

“Well, good morning Mr Coogan. Turns out what you said doesn’t count. Good morning Mr Grant, what you said didn’t count.”


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