McDonalds Reopening Sees Backed Up Roads and Hour-Long Waits Because People are Crazy


I don’t know what it is about people and fast food, but if you’re rocking up to recently-opened burger joint, see a massive line of cars, and think to yourself “this is fine. I’d love to join this line of traffic and sit for hours in my car to get some french fries”, you’re not part of the problem: you are the problem.

We all love a bit of fast food, and I think we can all agree that McDonald’s does the best fries by a mile and are worth waiting for, but backing up roads with hour-long queues is just madness. How about you bugger off back home and try again when there’s not 40 cars full of cretins backed up so far they’re disrupting traffic on major roads? The fast food chain announced its reopening earlier this month and after seeing the chaos that Burger King’s and Five Guys’ reopening caused, hoped to avoid the same thing happening. Clearly that didn’t pan out.

A total of 33 locations are now open, and McDonald’s only tweeted out the stores doing drive-thru 45 minutes prior to their opening the doors to discourage customers from queuing for hours beforehand. No one’s that mental, I hear you murmur. Wanna bet? If the UK fast food chains that have already had this shit to deal with hasn’t convinced you of how utterly idiotic some people are, you only need to look at the Golden Arches return in Europe, which saw 400-metre long queues of cars in France and wait times of up to three hours. One bystander observing the line of cars said “after seeing this, I no longer have any hope for humanity.” You’re not alone, friend.

If this is the result of a 45-minute warning, can you imagine giving these people a few hours, or even a day’s notice? It’s a shitty fast food place, people. Calm the fuck down and go home if you can see that you’re going to contribute to traffic jams backing up to the A41, which is what happened in Bushey. In an effort to mitigate some of this, each car was given a £25 order limit, and highway maintenance crews were roped into helping organise the cars headed to the restaurant by closing off part of the road to create a McDonald’s-specific one-way system.

The stupidity on display just gets better, with the comments from the oblivious customers taking the biscuit. One man, who brought his 7 and 11-year old children to sit in a hot car for god knows how long said “we’ve been missing the sweet and sour sauce with our chicken nuggets.” Seems like a legit reason to go through all of that. Meanwhile, a mother and son duo queued for food and were ‘disappointed’ that they couldn’t use the restaurant’s outside seating to chow down. Really? No doubt these are the same people who flocked to supermarkets to buy up as much toilet paper and pasta as they could stuff into their cars, and are out banging pots every Thursday breathing all over their neighbours.

KFC has also started a phased reopening, starting with 500 stores, and Subway and Starbucks (drive-thru) have also joined the list. So make sure you do your part and sit in a hot metal box with your kids for hours, backing up roads that normal people are using to get to places like work or their houses. Gotta get those burgers and fries, amirite? [The Guardian]


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