McDonald’s Shuts Down Seating Areas at Restaurants Across the Country


The next time you pop into McDonald’s, the gaggle of teens and tweens that spend their time draped over tables all day sharing one box of fries will be notably absent. Who says coronavirus is all doom and gloom?

Starting today, all of the fast food giant’s stores across the UK and Ireland will be closing off the seating areas, offering takeaway, drive-thru, and delivery only. The delivery option is still only available to those areas that already have a McDelivery option via Uber Eats and Just Eat.

The restaurant has confirmed that its McDelivery orders will now include “no physical contact between customers, employees and couriers wherever possible,” adding, “in these unprecedented times, our restaurants will continue to remain open for as long as it is safe to do so.”

The government has urged people to stay away from crowded places amidst the coronavirus pandemic, including venues like pubs, clubs, and restaurants, but hasn’t given the order for them to actually be shut down. This leaves businesses in the awkward position of trying to retain their customers by offering extra measures and services that still comply with current health guidelines, or else risking closure and staff not getting paid. But at least you can still get a Big Mac delivered.

McDonald’s is also helping out NHS staff and emergency workers by offering them free drinks for the duration of the outbreak – or until that becomes too expensive to sustain. We’ll see which comes first. If you’re one of them, show your work pass when you order to get a free hot or cold drink. [Mirror]


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