Meghan Markle and Prince Harry defended over ‘treasonous’ petition to remove their titles


MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry have been defended by the British Monarchists Society after the royals became the targets of a petition demanding to reject the use of their royal titles.

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, founder of the group, has lashed out at the petition launched by Brighton and Hove resident Charles Ross on July 1, warning it bears a “dangerous and treasonous” message. Noting the online petition has been signed by more than 3800 people, he told the Argus: “We are utterly dismayed that said petition has been signed by so many. 

“Such a petition shows utter disdain and contempt for the Crown, not to mention copious amounts of disrespect to, and for, the Royal Family which undertakes thousands of engagements per year on behalf of the nation, in right of Her Majesty as the Crown.”

The petition, which closes today, argues the usage of the title Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be abolished within the borders of Brighton and Hove.

These titles, the petition read, are “non democratic and symbolic of the oppression of the general public by the wealthy elite”. 

Mr Ross’s petition also urges the council to no longer invite Meghan and Harry and not to afford them any hospitality or courtesies “above and beyond that of an ordinary member of the public.”

But Mr Mace-Archer-Mills warned the council that caving in to a similar request would mean deny invitation and hospitality to the Queen herself, as Meghan and Harry are representatives of the Crown.

He said: “This is dangerous territory to navigate for the county of East Sussex collectively.

“Is Mr Ross openly condoning and outlining the incitement of a second English civil war?”

Similar petitions, Mr Mace-Archer-Mills continued, represents a small minority of republicans in the country.

But they should nevertheless be taken seriously, he added.

He said: “These republican petitions may seem small, and the greater population may not take notice now, but such movements are dangerous and treasonous in the eyes of the Crown and a greater portion of the British population.

“Such movements seek to overthrow our system of governance and operations, warning signs that the greater British population can not ignore.

“This nation is and will remain a monarchy until the people collective say otherwise, regardless of small pockets of republican extremists such as in Brighton and Hove. 

“Brighton itself has a very good and especially historic relationship with the Crown, from George IV to William IV, even to Queen Victoria whom sold the Royal Pavilion to the city.

“There is much to celebrate about the Royal ties and history of Brighton to the Crown.”

The founder of the royalist group added that the council should “not further entertain such a petition”, which could turn Brighton into the “first openly hostile city towards the Royal Family”. 

As the online petition has been signed by 3847 people, exceeded the 1,250 threshold for council to put it on a meeting agenda, Brighton and Hove council has to debate the issue at its next meeting.

Councillors will gather tomorrow, and the petition is the fifth item to discuss on the day. has contacted Brighton & Hove council for a comment, with a spokesman saying the council won’t comment on the meeting after the matter has been discussed by councillors.    


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