Meghan Markle had ‘no intention’ of staying in UK after marrying Prince Harry despite £2.4m refurb to Frogmore cottage


MEGHAN Markle had “no intention” of staying in the UK after marrying Prince Harry, Sun’s royal photographer Arthur Edwards has claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex allegedly wanted to leave the country despite £2.4million worth of taxpayers’ money being spent refurbishing Frogmore Cottage.

Arthur also claimed Harry, 35, went “completely sour” after getting together with Meghan, 38, in 2016.

Speaking on TalkRadio, he claimed Meghan’s plan all along was to get out of Britain as quickly as possible.

Mr Edwards said: “All that house refurbishment at Frogmore and the money that they spent on that, she had no intention of staying here.”

All that house refurbishment at Frogmore and the money that they spent on that, she had no intention of staying here.

He went on: “Unfortunately for the last couple of years, [Harry] has gone completely sour.

“He didn’t talk to me for a year, I’ve been photographing him since he was born, and it was down to her.”

Mr Edwards claimed the royal media requested to organise a meeting with Meghan on three occasions – but it never happened.

He described staying in her UK as “not in her plans” – adding “she is dragging Harry along and unfortunately, he’s gone along with it”.

Harry and Meghan sensationally quit the Royal Family earlier this year – with reports the Duchess has “never been happier”.

Making the announcement on January 8, they took to Instagram to reveal their plan to “step back” from duties and split their time between Britain and North America.

The bombshell move reportedly came as a shock to many members of the family – and a crunch summit was held at Sandringham between The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Harry.

It is expected the couple will look to forge their own brand – potentially worth hundreds of millions – but plans seem to have been put on hold due to the pandemic.

The Sussexes are now reportedly repaying the taxpayer cash spent on doing up Frogmore by coughing up £18,000 a month in rent as part of “Megxit”.

The five-bedroom property in Windsor, was a wedding gift from the Queen and is currently empty as the couple and their son Archie have relocated to LA.

Veteran photographer Mr Edwards also said this week the Duke’s recent criticism of the The Queen’s beloved Commonwealth shows he has “lost the plot”.

Mr Edwards urged him to “stop listening to his wife” – lamenting he has gone “completely the other way” since getting with Meghan.

The Commonwealth is formed by almost all countries who were once ruled by the British Empire.

Meghan and Harry criticised the organisation while taking part in the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust video call, one of the network’s weekly sessions.

The Duke said: “When you look across the Commonwealth, there is no way that we can move forward unless we acknowledge the past.

“So many people have done such an incredible job of acknowledging the past and trying to right those wrongs, but I think we all acknowledge there is so much more still to do.

Speaking from LA where they are staying at Tyler Perry’s £15m mansion, Harry and Meghan urged people to get involved in uncomfortable discussions.

The comments have provoked backlash, with it being suggested that The Queen may not be happy with the remarks.

Harry and Meghan relocated to Canada with their son Archie before moving to Meghan’s hometown of LA.

After the Sussexes stepped down, Harry had to leave his role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.

But he and Meghan retained their posts as president and vice-president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

Harry told those taking part in the call: “The optimism and the hope that we get is from listening and speaking to people like you, because there is no turning back now, everything is coming to a head.

“Solutions exist and change is happening far quicker than it ever has done before.”

It came after the Duchess recently “cut ties” with her friend Jessica Mulroney after she became caught up in a race row.


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