Meghan Markle riddle as she is given title of ‘Dr Sussex’ on government website


THE Duchess of Sussex has mysteriously been given the title of Doctor.

Meghan, 38, who is banned from using HRH when touting for work, was named Dr The Duchess of Sussex on a government website.

It appeared after she and Harry, 35, submitted applications to close down their Sussex Royal foundation.

But royal insiders said Meghan had not become a doctor and believed it was a filing error by Companies House staff.

A spokesman for Companies House said: “We are currently looking into this matter.”

She was listed as HRH The Duchess of Sussex on the business site before it was updated to Dr The Duchess of Sussex.

Last night, both Dr and HRH were dropped from her title.

Meghan has a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University in Chicago, majoring in theatre and international studies.

But she does not have a doctorate or medical qualification allowing her to be called Dr.

One royal insider said: “The duchess is definitely not a doctor.”

Another source said: “I must admit doing a double-take when I saw Meghan had been made a doctor.

“She has been called a lot of things but I had never heard Doctor Meghan.”

The couple are shutting the foundation after stepping away from royal duties and are replacing it with non-profit organisation Archewell.

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