Meghan Markle sends young fan into meltdown as she responded to ‘generous’ letter


MEGHAN MARKLE, Duchess of Sussex, sent a young fan wild after she responded to a letter from the Royal Family aficionado.

Meghan was responding to the “generous” letter sent by Charleston resident Becca Anderson. Miss Anderson shared the letter from Buckingham Palace with her followers on Instagram. The letter was signed by the palace’s head of general correspondence Cluaida Spens, The Sun reports.

Within the letter, it was revealed Meghan “appreciated the words of support”.

The youngster didn’t explain what message she had originally sent to Meghan.

All Becca would say was “if you can’t tell, I love Duchess Meghan.”

She added: “So thoughtful to send a response.”

The letter said: “The Duchess of Sussex has asked me to thank you for your thoughtful card.

“It was so kind of you to take the trouble to write as you did.

“Her Royal Highness appreciated your generous words of support and has asked me to send you warmest thanks and best wishes.”

It comes after Meghan came under fire from Stefanie Powers.

Ms Powers is a Hollywood actress and friend of Prince Charles.

The actress claimed the Duchess has tried to turn the Royal Family into her own personal TV show, ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous’ ‘The Adventures of Meghan in the Palace’.

Ms Powers formed a close relationship to Prince Charles years ago through their mutual love of polo.

She revealed to the Daily Beast on Thursday that she strongly disapproves of her friend’s daughter-in-law Meghan.

The actress said: “Meghan wants to be a star, which, I’m sorry, is not what she is supposed to be doing,’

“Meghan’s role is not about being a star. It’s her job to be Harry’s wife, not change the royal dynamic.”

Stefanie, best known for her role in 80s sitcom Hart to Hart, went on to attack Meghan’s acting career.

“Please, she’s obviously not a great actress. She’s not gotten into the role she has taken on.”

The actress added: “Grace Kelly did, when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco, but then she was Hollywood royalty – not a bit player in a minor television series.”

Stefanie’s attack on Meghan later shifted to other members of the Royal Family.

She said: “Britain is outstanding because of the Royal Family, and when a member of it misbehaves they shorten its viability.”

The actress went on to criticise Prince Harry.

Despite her attack on the Royals, Stefanie did praise some of the family’s members.

She said: “Kate is impeccable, she doesn’t put a foot wrong.”


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