Melania Trump snub: FLOTUS humiliated for not making powerful women list – ‘Melania who?’


MELANIA TRUMP was mocked by critics after she did not make the Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list.

The First Lady, and wife of US President Donald Trump, came under fire from Twitter users after Fox & Friends discussed the list live on air. There was outrage among the panel that the First Lady did not make the cut. One presenter said: “I want women who are recognised for actually doing good things for individuals.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the first place spot in Forbes’ coveted list.

Ms Merkel came under fire from the panel, who felt it was unfair the First Lady missed out.

The presenter said: “When we recognise women in leadership, let it be genuinely successful and really support other women.”

A clip of the show was posted on Twitter where it, and the First Lady, received a tirade of criticism from netizens.

Karen Farmer posted on Twitter: “They thought Melania should be on the 100 Most Powerful Women list? Melania who?”

Deanna Harm wrote: “FLOTUS has done NOTHING for our country.”

Kate tweeted: “Maybe that’s because someone should actually be expected to accomplish something tangible and of value to be named to this list?”

Andy Berry commented: “Well, we have all seen just how effective BeBest is.

“I just can’t imagine how Melania didn’t make the list.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Melania could be replaced with a leftover mannequin.”

A second added: “Melania is nothing but an ornament.”

Many highlighted the First Lady’s recent comments on her husband’s attack on climate activists Greta Thunberg.

A Twitter user posted: “Why would Melania be on a Most Powerful Women list?

“Her big project is online bullying and she let’s her husband bully teenagers on twitter.”

Another added: “She can’t even get her own husband to not bully little girls, and her only job is to stop bullying.

The panel also discussed Ivanka’s ranking on the list, coming it at number 42.

Elva Morris commented: “Ivanka and Melania are houseplants.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Well I’m angry that Ivanka Trump is on the list at all.

Another irate Twitter user posted: “Offended that Ivanka is even is on the list – and before Beyonce! That is bulls***t.”

Sam added: “I didn’t realise Forbes incorporated joke entries into their lists. That’s fun.”

Alessandro Baldan commented: “What?! What happened? Daddy didn’t pay enough money or bribe enough people?”

Todd Poirer commented on the video: “She is not even 4200000th. Zero power.”


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