Men and women show off their incredible new year bodies after just EIGHT weeks of training 


Men and women who completed an eight week body transformation have revealed what helped them sculpt the body of their dreams, including the daily meal plan they followed to get there.

Six people who spanned the globe from Australia through to America stuck to omelettes, delicious hummus snacks with carrot sticks and quinoa to shed as much as 28 kilos in the space of two months. 

They participated in F45 training for 56 days, enduring plenty of cardio and strength-based workouts that have become cult favourites since the gym’s inception in 2012.  

The greatest body weight loss was Taffy from Deception Bay in Queensland, who lost 28.6 kilos and 15.1 per cent body fat, earning himself a $3,000 prize. 

Of the other male winners, Adrian from Roxburgh Park in Victoria won $3,000 for losing 14.1 kilos and 13.8 per cent body fat and Jesse from Diamond Creek in Victoria won $12,000 for losing 21.5 kilos and 11.8 per cent body fat.

Jesse completed the eight week challenge alongside three of his friends who all promised to keep each other on track and accountable – particularly with the challenge of cutting out alcohol for two months.

‘After coming back from a Europe trip where I stacked on the kilos I decided I wasn’t happy with the way I looked,’ he told FEMAIL.

‘I wanted to find a structured program to undertake to get ready for summer and improve my lacking health and fitness. 

‘This challenge could not have exceeded my expectations any more than it did.’

The female winners were equally as impressive with Maddie from Carindale walking away with the greatest body weight loss (and $3,000) at 14.6 kilos and 8.2 per cent body fat.

Challenge 24 was Maddie’s fourth consecutive eight week challenge so she knew what she was up against. 

With her two young daughters as motivation, as well as a studio prize of a car on the line, Maddy reached her goals and said that finding F45 has total changed her life for the better.

‘One year ago I weighed 30 kilos more, could not do one push up or jump on even the lowest box for a box jump,’ she said.

‘So if I can do it, so can you! I feel physically and mentally stronger and I have these challenges and F45 in general to thank for that.’

Gena from Boerum Hill in New York also took home $3,000 for losing 7.98 kilos and 10.1 per cent body fat while the ‘People’s Champion’ was Nicole from San Diego, who lost 14.45 kilos and 9.7 per cent body fat to win $12,000. 

The ‘Functional 45’ challenge revolves around a simple concept – regular 45 minute high-intensity circuit training workout classes and a strict nutrition program designed to ‘reduce body fat and increase lean muscle’.  

According to the experts at F45 it’s all about following three distinct meal plan phases while attending the classes up to six times per week.  

The exercise classes are all slightly different and focus on ‘functional’ training – that is exercise that mimics or recreates everyday movement.

These types of exercises typically involve the use of your full body and multiple muscle groups so things like lifting, squatting, jumping, twisting, pulling, pushing, punching, kicking, rowing and biking are all included. 

The fixed, 45 minute time frame is in place to provide a ‘timing structure’ to maximise progress and the workouts are ‘never the same’ day-to-day.

Workout programs include interval circuits, intense cardio, traditional circuits, resistance training with crawling, boxing, kickboxing, plyometric sessions and military-style resistance systems.  

The first nutrition phase is all about alkalising and detoxing the body by focusing on cleansing, eliminating, preparing and stimulating specific functions of the body.

During this phase the body is cleansed from a build up of toxins and there is a focus on removing fluid retention and beginning the process of eliminating sugar cravings.

In the first two weeks, they see huge results on the scale due to the removal of fluid retention.

The second phase is about defining the physique and the nutrition is based on a high protein diet to support muscle hypertrophy, assist in muscle recovery and repair and create healthy fat loss results.

The final two week phase is about entering shock mode and focuses on a high fat, low carbohydrate nutrition plan to strip the remaining body fat, enhance muscle recovery and suppress appetite. 

A low intake of carbohydrates encourages fat storage to be used as the energy source instead of glucose. This is known as the ‘ultimate fat shredding phase’. 

A typical breakfast might include a roast vegetable omelette, snacks would be sweet potato hummus and carrot sticks or a raw energy seed bar, lunch would be a zesty salmon and zucchini noodle bowl and dinner could consist of a quinoa and chicken pilaf.

Born in Australia, the fitness phenomenon has exploded across the globe with over 1,750 franchises sold across 45 countries in just 5 years. 

The next challenge – C25 – will begin on February 3 and finish March 29. 


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