Met Office weather forecast – ‘Severe’ thunderstorm warning issued with torrential rain and 25C muggy heat today


A SEVERE thunderstorm warning with torrential rain was issued today as Brits face 25C muggy heat.

The Met Office weather warning covers much of the South and the South West with serious disruption expected across the regions.

Some parts of the UK could even get 20mm of rain in just an hour and 30-40mm over a few hours which could cause a “significant amount of localised issues.”

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Today the main talking point is the fact that we have got these heavy thundery showers.

“Away from the warning area there is the risk of some heavy showers.

“Across parts of the South East including Sussex, Kent, London there is going to be more persistent heavy rain which should move through relatively quickly.”

He added that the rain and thunderstorms are “most likely to cause localised issues.”

#OnThisDay last year we reached 38.7 °C the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK, today is a lot cooler

He said: “Thunderstorms are hit and miss. Some places could get some downpours while other areas could avoid them entirely.”

Despite the rain we could be seeing temperatures of up to 24C – possibly even 25C – the spokesperson said.

But today’s temperatures will be a lot cooler than the 37.8C reached on this day last year – the highest ever temperature recorded in the UK.

For tomorrow the spokesperson said: “There will perhaps be some more persistent rain towards the North West of Scotland tomorrow.

Obviously people for the last weekend of July would be hoping for beautiful sunshine which is not quite what we have got

“It will be a little cooler than today with highs of 23 to 24C – just a degree lower.

“Obviously people for the last weekend of July would be hoping for beautiful sunshine which is not quite what we have got but that is not unusual for the time of year.”

On Monday there are still chances of rain but it looks set to kick off a drier week in what the spokesperson dubbed an “improving picture.”

He said there will still be some rainfall throughout but they will be less persistent, with showers on Wednesday becoming fewer.

And by Thursday “most places will have a fine day” with a chance of seeing temperatures rising.

It comes after Brits enjoyed a weekend scorcher with many taking a trip to the beach to bask in 25C heat.


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