Meteorite smashes into factory compound leaving 20ft crater in ‘celestial event’


A meteorite that turned the sky red and left a massive crater terrified locals in the Indian city of Alwar, in Rajasthan, on Tuesday – with the blast captured on many people’s home CCTV

This is the instant an unexpected meteorite smashed into a city in India, vaporising on impact and leaving a 20ft crater.

As shown in this dramatic CCTV footage, the whole town was lit-up seconds before the burning fireball struck the ground in Alwar, Rajasthan on Tuesday.

Luckily, the space rock did not hit any residential areas and instead impacted in a factory compound in an industrial part of the city, Times Now News reports.

It’s very unusual for meteorites – classified as objects smaller than 100 meters – to hit Earth in this way because they normally burn up in the atmosphere.

On February 15, 2013, a 66ft meteor exploded above Russia in what became known as

– causing almost 1,500 injuries.

This latest blast in India occurred at around 5.10am and initially, the celestial phenomenon caused panic among locals who had no idea what was happening.

Sharing stories on YouTube, some viewers said they had been awake when they heard the crash and saw the fireball.

“I was urinating… I saw a bright light I was scared I ran away midway,” confessed one witness.

A second person said: “I was washing my face and suddenly everything lit up. I got frightened. I turned back. Reddish orange colour was seen.”

Meanwhile, other people said they had observed the space rock from as far away as Delhi – around 100 miles away.

Someone said: “I was going to Delhi airport from Pitampura in the morning around 5.10 am and when I was on Raja Garden flyover I saw this meteorite with a very very bright white light and going almost from southwest to northeast side.”

“Saw this in Delhi too. Tuesday early morning between around 5am to 5.15am,” said another witness.

Describing the phenomenon, someone said: “Bright light in the sky and then a fireball with big tail falling downwards. And looked quite near.”

“My city is in now plot for sci-fi movie,” joked another viewer on social media.

It is not yet known where in space the meteorite originated from or what its approximate size was.


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