Mexican president receives coronavirus vaccine



Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was vaccinated in front of cameras on Tuesday to set an example for senior citizens.

“I want to tell them that we are safe that there is no risk,” said the president. “It does not hurt, and it also helps a lot, protects us all. I call on the elderly so that we all get vaccinated,” he added after receiving the vaccine.

After taking questions from reporters during his daily news conference at the president’s residence at the National Palace, Lopez Obrador received his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Lopez Obrador, who tested positive for the virus in late January, has changed discourse regarding his vaccination in the recent weeks, previously announcing that he would wait since, according to his doctors, there were still enough antibodies from his previous infection.

After 22 weeks with a clear downward trek in infections, 10 of Mexico’s 32 states have shown a “slight upward trend,” said Health Minister Jorge Alcocer.

While the increase in infections is not considered an emergency, Alcocer encouraged residents to be wary and take appropriate measures to avoid a third wave of the pandemic.

Mexico has achieved 3,927,307 complete vaccine rounds with five different vaccines approved and implemented.

It has implemented 14,571,509 vaccines.

The National Council of Science and Technology previously disclosed that a national vaccine is already in development with an initial batch produced.

Officials are looking to commence trials in the capital.

Mexico has 2,496,235 estimated cases and 212 466 confirmed deaths as of Monday.


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