Micro-sized schools kept for students to meet their needs in SE China


Teacher Huang Lizhu guides Xu Jiayi, the only student in Libing Primary School, practise calligraphy in Hongxing Township of Yongtai County, southeast China’s Fujian Province, Sept. 8, 2020. Libing, Danyang and Rongxin, scattered 20 kilometers away from downtown Yongtai County, are three micro-sized primary schools. In Libing Primary School, first grader Xu Jiayi is the only student. She chose to study at the school near her home. To fulfill Xu’s dream of study, local authority kept the school and assigned Huang Lizhu, who graduated from Minnan Normal University, here to teach Xu courses including Chinese, mathematics, music and P.E. Danyang is a primary school with three students and two teachers. Second grader Liu Zhixin will go to a bigger school next year. “I choose to teach here as long as my student needs me”, the 58 year-old teacher Liu Xisheng said. In Rongxin Primary School, all 10 students are left-behind children. Headmaster of the central primary school in Pangu Township Zhuo Xiaoyong said more and more students go to larger schools to obtain better educational resources, yet some micro-sized schools are kept for students who choose to study near home. “Students may drop out if the micro-sized schools are shut down,” he said. According to statistics, there are eight micro-sized schools among 28 primary schools in remote areas of Yongtai County by 2019. (Xinhua/Wei Peiquan)


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