Microsoft CEO Hints Xbox Series X’s Launch Details


A recent statement from the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft seemingly hinted the launch titles of Xbox Series X. The company recently held the Xbox Games Showcase where it announced upcoming titles and unveiled a lot of gameplay trailers. Interestingly, it appears that the company is still keeping a lot under its sleeves in terms of next-gen titles launching alongside the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Launch Titles Hinted

Ahead of the Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the Xbox Series X would launch with the most extensive launch line-up for any console. While fans already know that the gaming console would release alongside “Halo Infinite” and “Hyper Scape,” it looks like there is more that Microsoft is keeping from fans. The CEO, unfortunately, did not reveal much details about the launch titles during the company’s earnings call, but it is possible that it could be a part of Microsoft’s campaign for the upcoming console.

According to Comicbook, it is possible that Nadella is counting backwards compatible titles for the Xbox Series X instead of just new games arriving. The site claimed that a big chunk of Microsoft’s strategy is backwards compatibility. Microsoft is most likely looking to reward Xbox gamers while at the same time utilizing the larger game library to attract new users, the report added. 

Xbox Games Showcase

Last July 23, Microsoft held the Xbox Games Showcase and unveiled a lot of exciting next-gen titles. However, several gaming sites, fans, and enthusiasts criticized the event as about selling Xbox Game Pass and not about selling next-gen games. According to Techradar, the show underlined that Microsoft is not interested in shipping loads of Xbox Series. While the site believed that the company would like to ship millions of gaming consoles, its strategy is clear.

Microsoft intends to reach as many gamers as possible regardless of the platform they prefer to play their favorite games on, the site claimed. And, Xbox Game Pass is the medium that binds everything together, it noted. Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X would arrive sometime in the holiday of this year. However, a recent slip up from one of its executives might have given away the potential November 2020 release window.


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